Mar 102009

The Cowboys released Roy Williams (the safety) because he could no longer cover his own shadow, and if he could, he couldn’t tackle it. Add to Williams’ disappearance about four years ago and his departure about that many days ago the fact that Ken Hamlin turned in a less-than-stellar 2008 (remember his matadorish attempts at tackling Ravens’ runners in week 16?), and you have a hellacious hole in the Cowboys’ last line of defense.

So, they signed Gerald Sensabaugh. Sensabaugh, on paper, makes sense. Consider that in 2008, Sensabaugh accounted for:

  • 70 tackles
  • 59 solo tackles
  • 4 interceptions

Those are nice numbers. No doubt, talent-wise and potentially, he is an upgrade at an essentially vacant position.

On paper, good signing. But what about that other paper? What about the one that seems to come with, oh, every other free agent Jerry signs? I refer, of course, to the rap sheet! Sensabaugh was arrested as recently as last Tuesday, raising speculation that his chances of getting that lucrative FA deal was in jeopardy. This was the former Jaguar’s third scrape with John Law. You can read about it at

A little morsel of the article to whet your appetite:

During the arrest, according to the report, police said they found three guns – a Glock 22, an International Arms AK-47 and a Bersa .380 – in the car. Police didn’t charge Sensabaugh for gun possession, which likely means the guns were being carried legally.

So, Jones turns loose the notorious bandits Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson and only picks up one outlaw to fill the void. Either he is slipping…or he isn’t done yet.