Mar 132009

There is no doubt about it: Lifelong Dallas Cowboys fans are pretty spoiled when it comes to the man occupying the most important position on the field. Few franchises can boast a richer tradition of Quarterbacking excellence. From Dandy Don, the greatest athlete ever to hail from Mount Vernon, Texas, to Troy Aikman, the pride of Henryetta, we have been privileged to watch America’s team flourish under the guidance of great field generals. One of them, the great Roger Staubach, was such a transcendent figure in his day many took to calling him Captain America.

All of this richness lends itself to a healthy debate over just which of these men was the all-time greatest. It is doubtful that numbers alone could possibly answer that question, what with the vast difference in the way the game was played from era to era, the quality of the talent around each man, and the philosophy of the offense at the time. Continue reading »