Mar 172009

Terence Newman has recently developed a bad case of diarrhea mouth. First he called out Tony Romo regarding his love life and then he blasted his defensive coaches for lacking creativity in their scheming.

In the first case, Dallas Morning News beat writer Jean-Jacques Taylor aptly observes, he broke the locker room code of ethics. Taylor writes:

There are two things players should never talk about publicly: another player’s money or his woman.

Terence Newman violated that rule the other day, when he talked about Tony Romo’s relationship with Jessica Simpson affecting his ability on the field.

That’s just wrong.

Here’s the interview:

In the second case (same interview), Terence faults the defensive schemes, claiming they are too simple and everyone knows what’s coming. Maybe he is right. Seems like a team meeting or a private meeting with the coaching staff would be a great place to express those concerns.

Here’s what he said:

We’re pretty simple on our defense, I think. We line up and teams are calling out what we’re doing. In the middle of games, they’re calling out, ‘OK, he’s coming, he’s coming,’ and they’re right.

No wonder Big Bill slapped gag orders on people when he was here. Some are better seen and not heard. Isn’t it high time for high-priced players like Newman to put up AND shut up? Shouldn’t they let others critique their teammates and coaches? Shouldn’t they develop more of a bunker mentality? As long as key players stand around and point accusatory fingers, Cowboys fans can expect more of the same under-achievement, I’m afraid.