Apr 022009

Jason Witten finally broke his off-season silence. He didn’t say much, but in his few words, he said a great deal. After admitting that T.O.’s presence on the field made him (Jason, that is) a better player, the All-Pro tight end added this nugget:

“I don’t want to look at it and say we are a better locker room,” Witten said Wednesday in his public comments since the Cowboys released Owens four weeks ago. “We’ve got a lot of good football players. I do think that. We’ve got to go show it. We’ve got to stop talking about it.”

Those last two sentences ought to be the battle cry for the current edition of the Dallas Cowboys. Get out from in front of the cameras. Forget about Jessica Simpson, Terrell Owens, Cabo San Lucas, and everything else that isn’t oblong, leather and laced…and start doing what you keep telling everyone you are capable of doing; namely, playing quality football from September to January.

The stench coming out of Valley Ranch has been rancid, but, as John Madden is fond of saying, “Winning is a great deodorant.”

Commitment to a Cause

Commitment to a Cause