Apr 082009
Miles To Go?

Miles To Go?

Jerry Jones has insisted that the primary reason he gave T.O. the boot was to make room for the Cowboys’ young receivers to flourish. The one name he has mentioned as a plausible replacement for Owens, especially as a deep threat, is Miles Austin.

Today, the Dallas Morning News is reporting that the New York Jets are showing interest in Austin, who is a restricted free agent…

According to sources, the Jets have scheduled to meet with Austin, a restricted free agent, Thursday and Friday.

The Cowboys gave Austin a $1.545 million tender offer that would require a team to give up a second-round pick as compensation if the Cowboys did not match. The restricted free-agent signing period ends on April 17. Four restricted free agents have signed offer sheets this off-season, but their teams matched the offers.

The Jets may well force Jerry to put his money where his mouth is. Is the undrafted, untested speedster really more valuable than what you may find with a second round pick…or the leverage having those consecutive picks might give you? Expect Jones to pay whatever the fiddler requires. He has made a commitment to finding out just what Austin can be and do.