Apr 132009

“My biggest thing is winning. All I want to do is win. My goal is 75 catches, 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns. But If I catch two balls and we win that will be OK. I’m trying to prepare myself for the season. I am trying to get myself better to make this team better.” ~Roy Williams

If Roy really means what he said, he may already be an upgrade over T.O. One thing we know from experience: winning alone was never enough for Owens. He had to be the center of attention. He had to be the object of the quarterback’s affections – or at least the bulk of his passes. Otherwise, he could be seen ranting on the sideline at some poor coach.

For many, myself included, Terrell Owens’ diminishing bang-to-hype ratio, coupled with the “focus on me and we will all be better for it” mentality, became tiresome. It is refreshing to hear a receiver (God knows, not many of them would) say that winning is more important than his own numbers. If Roy meant what he said, then he is already an upgrade on a team that has recently been way too focused on “me” and not nearly focused enough on “us.”

So, I say, Go Roy! Make it so…and you will find a home in your home state.