Apr 222009

There has been a good deal of talk about Jerry and Co. looking for a player in this draft who can run some version of the “wildcat” offense. I had been thinking all along that they drafted a guy a couple years ago and converted him to a receiver, a guy who seems to fit the bill.

That guy, of course, is Isaiah Stanback. He played quarterback at at the highest level of college ball. He has the quickness, the speed, and he knows the position. So, why spend a draft pick to find a guy you already have in the fold?

Now, there is word that Jerry is talking about Stanback for just that role…and we learn from Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that they had plays in the playbook for Stanback last year, but never used them.

Maybe, if that little issue is settled, the Cowboys can focus on finding a legitimate quarterback to groom behind Tony Romo. If a Rhett Bomar or a Graham Harrell is NFL worthy and can be taught to run the team’s offense, that seems a much greater value than a guy who might run a play or two every other week or so.

At any rate, as draft day approaches, the bluebloods are getting anxious to see whether the Cowboys braintrust can be trusted to make sound decisions. They posted a good draft a year ago. String a couple together in a row and you might be building your way back to respectability.

But I digress. Back to the Wildcat formation and its usefulness. Hill Also points out that Felix Jones would be an important part of any Wildcat operations…and that makes perfect sense, with his pure speed and ability to hit the corner of the defense.

Concerning the newest rage in NFL offense, Hill writes:

In 2008, the Dolphins used the Wildcat formation 91 times, netting 580 yards (6.7 yards per play) and eight touchdowns.

However, the Wildcat didn’t always work.

The Patriots stopped it cold in the rematch, and the Baltimore Ravens were not fooled in a 27-9 wild-card playoff victory against the Dolphins.

Yeah. A tricked-up play here and there may bag you a big gainer, or even a win. But Cowboys fans are looking for more than regular season wins. It’s that elusive playoff victory that matters.

Let’s keep that in mind on draft day, boys.