Jan 062010

He hired me not, He hired me

Welcome to the brave world of NFL playoff predictions, where a writer puts his reputation for good sense and objective reasoning on the line by making a way-too-specific prediction about things to come. I feel like a weatherman, but even they have the good sense to hedge their bet.

“There is a 50% chance of rain.”

What kind of prediction is that? The guy just said there is as much chance it won’t rain as there is that it will. The only time a weatherman gives a 100% prediction is when he can look outside and see that it is in fact raining. Then, he takes that bold step.

But enough about the weather. This is about Super Bowl XLIV, which is to be played in Miami, where the weather is always balmy, right? You know where it will be played. You know when it will be played. Now, I am here to tell you who will be playing in it. Continue reading »