Oct 182010

Imagine Albert Einstein failing a remedial math course.

Or Michelangelo unable to stay inside the lines on a paint-by-number picture.

Or Roy Rogers constantly being thrown by Trigger.

Or Isaac Newton staring blankly at that fallen apple.

Any of these make as much sense to me as the 2010 version of the Dallas Cowboys sporting a record of 1-4.

I have been watching football for more than four decades. I have seen some bad teams over the years, teams that were such doormats that other teams’ fans would look at the schedule, see them on it, and mark that one down as a win. Teams like the Lions, the Raiders, and Rams of the last few years. Teams like those Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the late seventies and early eighties. Heck, even teams like the late eighties and late nineties versions of the Dallas Cowboys. Continue reading »