Nov 032010

One of the key problems for the Dallas Cowboys under head coach Wade Phillips has been the willingness to pass the buck, hide behind the statistics and simply refuse to accept blame for anything. Phillips set the tone for his team by being anxious to take credit for every success and unwilling to accept responsibility for any failures.

That seemed to change after the Cowboys dropped to 1-6 when the Jacksonville Jaguars steamrolled them in Arlington last Sunday.

In a post-game interview, Phillips said, “I’m at a loss right now, certainly. If I knew what to do, I would have already done it.”

Granted, it took a meltdown of historic proportions for Phillips to finally admit he might be part of the problem, simply because he is unable to identify the problem and fix it. As a part of that admission, Phillips sought owner/general manager Jerry Jones’ approval to return the team to a training camp-like atmosphere this week to work on fundamentals. Continue reading »