Jan 042011

Emmitt Smith once famously said about his team, “We had some diamonds, but we had a lotta cow poo poo around it, and the diamonds was mixed in with the poo poo…it just all look like poo poo.” (The Grammar is Mr. Smith’s alone.)

If that was true of the late ’90s Cowboys, it was doubly true of the 2010 version of America’s (Former) Team. At the end of the most disappointing year in the 51-year history of the Dallas Cowboys, it can be challenging to find ten players whose contributions merit mention on a list of “top performers.”

Somehow, this 6–10 disaster of a team managed to put five of its players in the Pro Bowl, all of them as starters. Each of those guys makes this list. That leaves us with the task of digging in the cow poo-poo for five more diamonds.

From Number One to Number Ten, I give you the 2010 Top Ten Dallas Cowboys: Continue reading »