Feb 242011

All-Pro, All Cowboy

The NFL draft is just around the corner and everyone is scrambling to put together their 2011 NFL mock draft. Of course, then the men making the decisions—men like Jerry Jones and Al Davis, for instance—proceed to make a mockery of the mock drafts.

Every Dallas Cowboys fan has to be a bit tied up in knots when draft time rolls around because that fan knows the man in charge is as inept in the judging of NFL talent as he is incoherent when attempting to make an impromptu speech. The post-Jimmy Johnson era of Jerry Jones drafting has not been pretty, which has led to the slow erosion of the team’s talent base and the longterm absence of playoff success.

Not to worry, though. Maybe the next great Dallas Cowboy won’t come through the draft at all. Maybe, just maybe he will fall through the cracks instead. Maybe he will be that great player that all of the genius talent evaluators overlooked, misjudged, or just plain missed. It isn’t an impossibility. It has happened before…more than once. Continue reading »