Mar 222011

Twitter has become both the boon and the bane of today’s public figure. Twitter gives the fan access to his favorite athlete, actor or other celebrity, and that helps to boost the star’s popularity.

Twitter can also prove deadly to a career. Just ask Gilbert Gottfried, the comedian that used to be the voice of the ubiquitous AFLAC duck, but isn’t anymore after a series of insensitive Japanese jokes, which he tweeted shortly after the earthquakes and Tsunami decimated the island nation.

It is amazing how vast an athlete’s following can be. Shaquille O’Neal, for instance, one of the most popular tweeters, has over 3.6 million followers.

With the NCAA Tournament going on, it gave me the idea of looking up some of the top athlete Twitter users and forming a TWEET SIXTEEN bracket to pit them against one another and let the people choose the 2011 Twitter Champion.

Click on the image below to vote. You can sign in with your FaceBook account and cast your vote for your favorite athlete tweeter. Shaq, by the way, is the top seed. Golfer Paul Casey, with a paltry 73,258 followers, is the 16th seed.

Who do you like? Cinderella or the Favorites? Go ahead. Log in. Cast your vote. ‘Tis all in fun. You can log in with your FaceBook account, cast your votes and even leave a message, if you like.

Have fun.