Sep 272011

Dateline: Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX, September 26, 2011

It is true that the Dallas Cowboys’ offense was out of sync all night long against the Washington Redskins. It is true that the offense failed to score a single touchdown in the game. It is true that Tony Romo threw an untimely interception that could have cost his team the game.

It is also true that the low-scoring Monday night game may well have been Romo’s finest hour.

With his center mysteriously snapping the ball any time he felt the urge (which never seemed to be a good time), with the running game bogging down for nearly three quarters, with his neophyte receivers lining up in all the wrong places and then running all the wrong routes, and with his own cracked ribs being jerked and jolted by the abusive treatment of Redskins defenders, Romo managed to fight through adversity the whole night long, escape enough bloodthirsty pass rushers and complete enough timely passes to position Cowboys’ rookie kicker Dan Bailey for no less than six field goals.

The oft-debated, much-maligned Cowboys’ QB also managed to escape an all-out blitz to convert a crucial third-and-21 late in the fourth quarter. Romo sprinted to his right to buy time and then hit wide receiver Dez Bryant in stride for a 30-yard gain. That was the longest third down conversion of Romo’s career.

On a night when the offense spat and sputtered, faltered and failed to score a single touchdown… on a night when Rob Ryan’s defense took center stage, mostly keeping the hated Redskins out of the end zone and the Cowboys in striking distance… on a night when Romo’s numbers— 22 for 36, 255 yards, no TDs, one pick— were pedestrian at best…

The star of the team with the Star on its helmet was Tony Romo.