Jan 102012

Stop me if you have heard this before:

“We’ll make some changes; I’ll assure you we’ll make changes. When you work for yourself, there’s not but one thing to change — that’s what’s in that mirror.”

This was what Jerry Jones told WFAA Channel 8 News, after the New York Giants whipped the Atlanta Falcons in round one of the NFL playoffs, a game the Cowboys could have been hosting if they had beaten the Giants just once in two shots this season.

Of course, Jones has already stated that he will not consider stepping down as general manager of the team, despite the fact that he is the only constant in a fifteen–year mess of mediocrity in which his team has found itself mired.

So what change is he making when he looks in that mirror, anyway? He already has his false teeth and facelift. What is he going to do, get a Botox treatment?

Actually, we may already be getting our answer. According to reports, defensive backs coach Dave Campo will not have his contract renewed. This is hardly a surprise when you consider the Cowboys were among the league’s worst in pass defense.

Campo is an easy target. It would be way too much egg on Jerry’s augmented face to admit that Rob Ryan is not the answer.

By the way, Ryan is not the answer. Hisinsistence on keeping with all-out blitzes in the must-win last game of the season, despite their ineffectiveness, contributed to the Cowboys sitting out yet another postseason. Ryan constantly left his overmatched defensive backs on islands they were not equipped to man. He proved he is less innovative and more predictable than any member of the overrated Ryan clan is ever apt to confess.

Rob will stay. Campo will not.

Chances are pretty good Terrence Newman will also find himself looking for gainful employment, possibly along with free agent Abram Elam.

Changes will come. Jones will make good on that much of his promise. But changing the man in the mirror?

That leopard’s spots are immutable, friend. Jerry Jones will still be the same ineffective, clueless “football” man he has always been.

And the more things change, the more they will stay the same.