Aug 272012

Sorry, Mom!

Forget Tony Romo and the sometimes ill-timed interception that seems to offset super-athletic flashes of utter brilliance. When it comes to off-the-charts, untapped athletic—and football—prowess, Dez Bryant is the most frustrating Dallas Cowboy of them all.

Writing his column, Shutdown Corner, for Yahoo! Sports, Doug Farrar puts it quite well:

The Dallas Cowboys have been dealing with receiver Dez Bryant‘s inconsistency on the field, and his missteps off it, since they selected him with the 24th overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft. Bryant has ridiculous athleticism and the most impressive catch radius this side of Calvin Johnson, but he’s also dug himself quite a few holes with his behavior — most notably, with an incident that took place on July 20, when he had Class A misdemeanor charges filed against him after his mother, Angela Bryant, called 911 and said that her son had assaulted her.

Three days later, Ms. Bryant decided that she did not want to press charges. The Dallas County district attorney’s office is still reviewing the case.

Dallas sports radio, TV and print media following the incident was rife with speculation on why Jerry Jones, the always-into-everything owner/GM of the Cowboys said several days after the incident that he had not spoken to Bryant about it.

Imagine the shock!

From the time Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys, he has lived up to his promise to be involved in every aspect of the team, “from the socks to the jocks.” But one of his prize first-rounders is accused of beating up on his own momma and Jones doesn’t bother talking to him about it?


Now, however, we know why.

With the Cowboys announcing a new team-imposed kind of probation for Dez—one that includes a ban on alcohol consumption, counseling sessions and a midnight curfew—Jones tells us why he didn’t talk to Dez right away after the incident:

“One of the reasons I didn’t [earlier], because I didn’t want to talk to him emotionally. … I was disappointed,” Jones said. “As a daddy, sometimes you’re not supposed to spank when you’re mad. I wanted to get the information but also wanted to get my mind right so that we could really have a good talk about this … I don’t have a feeling one way or another, but we have talked.”

Jones does have a way with words, doesn’t he?

The NFL’s most meddlesome owner didn’t talk to Dez because the troubled player’s like a son to him and he didn’t want to speak to his boy out of anger.

Or something like that.

I guess it is as good an analogy—and as plausible an excuse—as any.

At any rate, it is both encouraging and disheartening (if that is possible) to see the measures the Cowboys are taking with Dez. It is encouraging to see the team take discipline and accountability seriously. God knows, that is a change from the roaring ’90s. It is, however, disheartening to think that one of the most important players on your team is unable to police himself.

Here is hoping that Dez has a season of high-flying, circus catches and dazzling dashes to the end zone…and that none of that makes him want to slap his momma.