Sep 172012
Romo in Seattle

Cowboys fumble another one

Some may have seen an upset in the offing in the great Northwest. Before Sunday, somewhere a column or blog heading may have read, “Seahawks Beat Cowboys.” I doubt it. but maybe.

But did anyone see that coming? Did anyone see the Cowboys completely dismantled and destroyed by that bunch? Sure, the Seahawks are a different team at home. Sure, the 12th man thing at CenturyLink Field is impressive. But, Come on.

Cowboys 27, Seahawks 7?

So, here we go: a big win followed by a devastating loss. A near-perfect game followed by a comedy of errors. Win one. Lose one. What do you get? You get what we have gotten for the entire Jones era sans Jimmy Johnson: mediocrity.

Eight and eight, anyone?

Kill me now.

I am so beaten down I can barely muster a post-game article. Seriously.

So, I am going to keep it short and anything but sweet…

Felix Jones is a wasted roster spot

Someone tell me the last time Felix Jones impacted a game in a positive way. I know he is from Jerry’s beloved University of Arkansas. I know a high draft pick was wasted on him (and I do mean wasted), but it is past time to fish or cut bait with this guy. When he showed up to camp overweight and out of shape, that should have been his final day as a Dallas Cowboy.

The offensive line is still a mess

Tony Romo would not know how to act if he had a reasonable amount of time to complete a pass. By reasonable, I mean the ball arrives in his hands at least a full second before a defender is on his back.

Special teams are anything but special

The aforementioned Felix Jones begins the game with a fumble. The punting squad gets a punt blocked for a touchdown.

Romo misses Witten

Jason Witten is still not right after the spleen injury. Never has the most reliable receiver in the Romo era dropped wide open passes the way he did yesterday.

Garrett has plenty to prove

I have been a strong Garrett supporter. I am still hopeful he will succeed. But his team has to show improvement this year. Improvement means something more than mediocre. Something more than here a win, there a loss.

Jerry Jones can get to the point and tell the unadulterated truth if you irritate him enough

Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram quoted Jones after the game:

“In everything about playing football, they were better than we were today,” he said after Sunday’s 27-7 loss. “Every aspect of it. So we can call it whatever you want to call it, but they were better than we were today, all the way.”

That is as straight as straight talk is going to get from the world’s least coherent billionaire.

So, yeah. The beat-down in Seatown beat me down.

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