Oct 012012

Da Boys lose to Da Bears

The Cowboys lose for the second time in four games—and, just as we saw in Seattle, it was an embarrassing meltdown of epic proportions.

Tonight’s game left me wondering if I was watching Monday Night Football or Saturday Night Live, because the Cowboys are proving they are not-yet-ready-for-primetime-players.

Where to begin? Oh wait, I know.

Dez is a dufus

Tonight, each team fielded a troubled knucklehead at receiver. The difference is that Brandon Marshall leaves the knucklehead behind when he steps onto the gridiron. He is a reliable, big-time play-maker. Dez Bryant, on the other, hand, is a knucklehead on and off the field. From failing to adjust to a blitz to dropping key passes to being lackadaisical in a simple pre-snap shift, Dez did his part to shoot the wheels off the Dallas wagon.

Romo is frustrating

With Tony Romo, it is feast or famine. Make that feast and famine. He is either making incredible moves, extending plays, completing tough passes or he is throwing an inopportune interception.

Frustrating. Not ready for prime time.

Cowboys Stadium looks nice, but…

Jerry Jones built himself a billion dollar playhouse that is an incredible venue for many things. It is does not, however, provide a great home-field advantage. His Cowboys are now 14–13 in the regular season in their new digs.

Jason Garrett has a lot to prove

I have been a staunch supporter of Garrett and Romo. But at some point, the leaders of this team have to provide the kind of leadership that results in success, which means big wins, playoffs and playoff success.

 At least DeMarcus Ware is a prime time player

Ware and middle linebacker Sean Lee continue to be the most consistent players on the team. They need some company or this thing is headed for another .500 year.

What else can you say about tonight’s game?

Wait, I know. SNL gave us the answer years ago…

Da Bears.