Jan 262013
Jon Gruden grinning

Say Cheese, Chucky!

Is Jon Gruden set to be the next Dallas Cowboys head coach should Jason Garrett suffer through another year of mediocrity and disappointment?

Well, consider the facts and then you tell me.

After the bitter season-ending loss to the Redskins, which mired Jerry’s kids in a second consecutive 8–8 season, Jones promised plenty of discomfort at Valley Ranch. He got things started by firing running backs coach Skip Peete, which seems like no big deal, unless you consider that Peete had been with the Cowboys—and Garrett—since 2007.

Next, Jones lowered the boom on Rob Ryan, replacing him with defensive coaching legend Monte Kiffin. Kiffin is the godfather of the famed Tampa 2 defense. He coached on the Super Bowl-winning staff in Tampa Bay. Jones quickly reunited Rod Marinelli, defensive line coach, with his old boss Kiffin.

Now, this news:

The Dallas Cowboys have hired Rich Bisaccia as special teams coach three weeks after he joined the Auburn staff in a similar capacity.

New Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said Friday that Bisaccia had “an offer that he felt he could not turn down” after the Tigers hired him to coach running backs and special teams on Jan. 3. The Cowboys reported their hiring on the team’s website.

Bisaccia was special teams coach at Tampa Bay from 2002-10 and worked alongside new Dallas defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and defensive line coach Rod Marinelli.

A couple days ago, I had one of those Twitter arguments everyone loves too much. I was arguing with the Nimrod behind Blogging the Boys, the oldest and most useless of all Cowboys blogs, over whether Jason Garrett or Jerry Jones was the moving force behind the changes at Valley Ranch.

It is hard to imagine anyone following the Cowboys and arguing that the head coach is in charge of his own personnel. It was not Garrett but Jones that promised change. All of Garrett’s rhetoric was about doing the right things the right way and stacking one good day on top of another and processes and such.

Was it Jason’s idea to force his own brother off the staff?

Come on, man.

Only a Jerry Jones shill would buy such a line of logic.

Would Garrett be assembling the former staff of the biggest free agent name in coaching?

Would Jason assemble Jon Gruden’s staff?

Or would Jones do that to both turn up the heat on Garrett and set the table for a possible Gruden takeover should 2013 not go as hoped?

Carnac the MagnificentYou do not need to be Carnac the Magnificent to read these tea leaves. You just have to be more observant than a newborn pup. You have to open your eyes.

Troy Aikman told the Musers on KTCK the Ticket that these moves, in his opinion, have Jerry’s fingerprints all over them. Not Jason’s…

“That’s essentially what happened, or at least that’s the way it looks,” Aikman said. “Jerry comes out and says there are going to be a lot of changes this off-season and everyone’s going to be uncomfortable, I didn’t hear a comment from Jason Garrett with regards to that. I didn’t hear him say that during his post-game press conference or postseason press conference.

“So yeah, it’s got the look and feel as though Jerry’s making these decisions and I don’t know that that’s necessarily good. When you’re making staff changes and whether Jason’s on board with that or not on board with that I really have no idea. I think the difficult things is that this was a team the last two years that played in the last game of the season and went into Week 17 with a chance to win a division. If they win the last game of the year, they win the division. I just wonder if they had won one or both of those games if we would be looking at this team differently. And I think that we would, even if they didn’t win in the postseason.”

Aikman, unlike our friend over at BTB, has his eye one the ball. He is not fooled by Jerry talk. Or, he simply paid attention to what was said and who said it.

Here is what the brilliant BTB nub said to me:


(That “be gone” thing is the dismissive language one uses when he feels his feet slipping and knows one more shot to the jaw and he is toast. Either that or the dude really is the queen.)

These moves have Jones’ paw prints all over them. Only time will tell if they will ultimately succeed.

But I promise you, Jason Garrett is uncomfortable about now—as uncomfortable as my over-matched Twitter opponent.

Is Jerry Jones thinking of hiring Gruden if Garrett fails in 2013?

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