Feb 162013

The name Jack Eskridge may not mean much to you, but if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, his work means a great deal. Eskridge was the Dallas Cowboys logo designer. He was the man behind the star.

The Dallas Cowboys star, one of the simplest, cleanest logos in sports—or in the world, for that matter, is almost universally recognized. Anyone not living in a cave is likely to know what it represents, regardless of the continent they call home.

Before the Dallas Cowboys were even a team, Eskridge worked for the organization. Tex Schramm hired Tom Landry to run the team as its head coach and one of the first hires Landry made in 1959 was that of equipment manager. He hired Eskridge for the position.

The Cowboys weren’t yet a team, but they would be by 1960 and they would need a logo, so Landry put that bit of business in Eskridge’s hands.

Eskridge, a former professional basketball player and not a native Texan, took the state’s Lone Star symbol for inspiration, came up with the blue star with white highlight…and a legend was born.¹

Eskridge passed away the other day. He was 89 years old.

His brainchild lives on and, unless Jerry Jones manages somehow to kill the thing entirely, it always will.

RIP, star-maker. And thanks for giving us something to rally around and wear with pride.


Where does the Dallas Cowboys star rank among corporate logos?

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