Feb 242013

Manti Te'oYour Cowboys question of the day: Can Jerry Jones resist the urge to draft Manti Te’o?

News out of the NFL combine, according the Dallas Morning News, is that Jones plans to sit down with Te’o.

That would not be a big deal, really, if it weren’t for everything we know about Jerry “Sideshow” Jones. He is all about the splash. Wherever the cameras are likely to be flashing, he wants his reconstructed false teeth-fortified smile in the picture.

While 31 other football teams are there to build, well, a football team, Jones is in Indianapolis to do what he does best.

Grab attention.

Alabama pretty much exposed Manti Te’o and the rest of his teammates as horribly overrated. And, regardless of what you might hear while driving through the state of Alabama, the Crimson Tide is a college football team. This is the NFL, where Saban sucked and where Te’o is more likely to be a Bobby Carpenter clone than another Clay Matthews III.

It makes perfect sense to anyone following the Jones circus (which arrived in Indianapolis in Jones’s Million dollar plus bus) that on a day devoted to offensive linemen, where the Cowboys’ most glaring need lies, Jones is making news about courting a linebacker with a  phantom girlfriend and international name recognition.

Football can wait. The Jones show must go on.