Apr 192013
2013 Dallas Cowboys schedule

This means WAR!

The 2013 Dallas Cowboys schedule is out and I am all atwitter. I can hear in the distance the pitter-patter of not-so-itty bitty feet. A new season will soon be born. Oh, glorious day!

I am not yet ready to roll out season predictions, mainly because free agency and the NFL draft have yet to be played out. So, don’t get pushy.

We still do not know who is going to be where doing what in some cases. Right tackle and interior offensive line positions still have to be worked out. Let’s say the Cowboys do bring in Eric Winston and set Doug Free free. Could that be good for an extra win? Suppose they draft a stud at the guard or safety position and he makes an immediate impact. Could that be the difference in a 10-6 season versus another 8-8 campaign?

Who knows?

So, let’s save the prognostications for another day and move on to pontifications and declarations and aberrations.

2013 NFL schedule favors your Heroes

Let’s have a peek at that Cowboys’ schedule, shall we?

  • Sunday Sep 8th NY Giants @ Dallas Cowboys
  • Sunday Sep 15th Cowboys @ KC Chiefs
  • Sunday Sep 22nd Rams @ Cowboys
  • Sunday Sep 29th Cowboys @ Chargers
  • Sunday Oct 6th Broncos @ Cowboys
  • Sunday Oct 13th Redskins @ Cowboys
  • Sunday Oct 20th Cowboys @ Eagles
  • Sunday Oct 27th Cowboys @ Lions
  • Sunday Nov 3rd Vikings @ Cowboys
  • Sunday Nov 10th Cowboys @ Saints
  • Sunday Nov 24th Cowboys @ NY Giants
  • Thursday Nov 28th Raiders @ Cowboys
  • Monday Dec 9th Cowboys @ Bears
  • Sunday Dec 15th Packers @ Cowboys
  • Sunday Dec 22nd Cowboys @ Redskins
  • Sunday Dec 29th Eagles @ Cowboys

Notes of Interest

  • Cowboys opening and closing the season at home.
  • Cowboys vs. Giants kicking off Sunday Night Football on NBC.
  • Inter-divisional games vs. NFC North
  • Inter-conference games vs. AFC West
  • Additional NFC opponents: Saints and Rams

Reasons for optimism

  • AFC West should be one of the weaker NFL divisions with the exception of the Denver Broncos.
  • Starting and ending the season at home could be critical, if the Cowboys can finally gain an actual home field advantage over the pesky Giants and Eli Manning.
  • NFC East should be ripe for the taking. The Redskins may actually be the team to beat, if RGIII can come back from his injury with no repercussions and stay healthy. The Eagles have to adjust to a new head coach and the Giants may need to reload, if not rebuild.
  • Tony Romo should be motivated to prove himself worthy of a top ten NFL contract and shut the mouths of his very vocal critics once and for all.
  • Team leadership is cognizant that the Romo-Ware-Witten window is closing. The clock is kicking on these careers.

32 teams and their fans enter an NFL season with high hopes and dreams of glorious conquests. Dallas is no different. Despite nearly 20 years of mediocrity, the Cowboys’ fan base remains strong, proud and expectant. 2013 will be no different.

The 2013 schedule seems to set up nicely for the Cowboys to finally break free of the mediocre rut and make a playoff run:

The 2012 non-playoff team that has perhaps the best chance of advancing deep into the postseason this year is the Dallas Cowboys. Returning a relatively strong roster, the Cowboys face just one of NFL’s top-five powerhouses. It can be argued fairly that every game on their schedule is winnable.

But if 2013 is not a successful campaign, if it ends in another 8-8 season or worse, expect an explosive response from the fans and the team’s owner. Jerry Jones will never fire himself, but he may fire everyone else.