Sep 182013

by Jean-Jacques Taylor, ESPN Dallas

IRVING, Texas — The big lie — the one about Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett wanting a more balanced offense — began in the offseason and continued in training camp.

Two games into the season, we’re still hearing about Garrett’s never-ending quest to run the ball more.

In Sunday’s 17-16 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Tony Romo dropped back to pass on each of the Cowboys’ last 19 plays. DeMarco Murray’s final carry was a 2-yard run with 2:12 left in the third quarter and the Cowboys trailing by a point.


Now, Garrett will talk about the plays Dez Bryant made against man-to-man coverage. And he’ll talk about the Chiefs’ defensive scheme against certain formations that made it difficult to run.

We all know today’s NFL is about throwing the ball, but this remains a game dominated by alpha males and teams that control the line of scrimmage.

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