Oct 142013

redskinsThe Dallas Cowboys defeated the longtime, bitter rival Washington Redskins Sunday night in dominant fashion.

It was a war of attrition for the Cowboys, who lost all-world DE DeMarcus Ware to an aggravated quad and starting RB DeMarco Murray to a sprained knee. The Cowboys, to the wonder of Chris Collinsworth (and Cowboys fans everywhere), still managed to get a good push out of a defensive line that fought most of the second half with only one starter on it. Who’s-he and Whats-his-face turned up the heat on RGIII, forcing hurried passes, three-and-outs, and even turnovers.

The result was a Cowboys win, 31-16.

But the big news of the night came from longtime sports personality Bob Costas, who delivered a halftime ¬†commentary on whether the Washington Redskins should change their team name. He was, of course, responding to the recent comments by his higness, King Obama, who suggested he would be “open” to such an idea.

Here come the PC police

In a league that has already undertaken reinventing its game in the name of player safety, essentially turning certain aspects of the game into something slightly less violent than a Zumba class, Costas and sensitivity cops like him want to finish the castration of American football and society at large by telling us that we have to do away with team names like the Washington Redskins, in the interest of not hurting anyone’s feelings.

The Twitter and Facebook backlash has shown that Costas is completely out of step with Joe Football Fan. He wants to tell us we are a bunch of insensitive neanderthals and all we want to do is gang tackle the little twerp. Having Costas comment on football is tantamount to having Terry Bradshaw elaborate on synchronized swimming.

Costas is soft.

He is mostly soft in the head. He is also soft in the heart, when it comes to anything that might please his leader, King Hussein (Obama).

For decades, bleeding hearts have been telling us how surly and unsatisfactory we are. They have blown the PC whistle on us so many times, we are afraid to answer yes to a Wendy’s lunch invitation at work.

The only people really offended by the Redskins moniker are the ones who so desperately want to exact absolute control over every thought and movement of every American.

Bleeding heart dimwits like Costas need to stick to keeping WWII veterans away from open-air war monuments during government shutdowns and leave football the hell alone.

It’s enough to make a Cowboys fan forget he hates the Redskins.