Dec 102013

Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys

It was the second coldest game in Cowboys’ history. It was the sixth loss of the 2013 season. It was the second time this season the Cowboys defense (for lack of a better term) failed to force a punt. It was just ten yards shy of being the fifth time this season the Dallas D yielded 500 yards to an opponent. It was another in a long list of embarrassing moments in Cowboys history during the Jerry Jones-without-Jimmy Johnson era.

A word from Coach Jones…

After the loss, in his knee-jerk analysis, Jerry said his defense needed to be more aggressive, take more chances, in order to force turnovers. He also referred to himself as “Coach Jones,” quickly adding that he used the term “tongue-in-cheek.”

The problem, of course, is Jones does fancy himself a coach. He does interviews and makes statements and decisions that usually fall to the head coach of a team.

Remember when there was a football man in Dallas?

Just before the game last night, I watched an episode of “A Football Life,” which is a NFL Network series. The episode was about Jimmy Johnson. One segment featured the interview that was done years ago with Jimmy and Jerry sitting next to one another. Johnson was asked if he respected Jerry Jones as a football man, or as his equal when it comes to football knowledge. I paraphrase when I say Johnson answered, “No. I respect him as an owner and a businessman, but I have spent 30 years coaching and learning this game.”

He was right.

He was also right when he said, repeatedly (once in an interview with Yours Truly), that his agreement with Jones was that he would run football operations and Jones would handle the finances. Jones insists he was General Manager back then just the way he has been in the intervening years since Johnson’s departure.

One of them is lying.

Take one look at the state of “football operations” over the past 17 years (deducting the years Parcells was here to clean up Jerry’s three-time 5-11 finishing mess), and you tell me who was running football operations in the Johnson era.

Just as there was not enough room in Dallas in the 90’s for the egos of Jerry and Jimmy, there is not enough room in Arlington for Jerry’s ego and a successful football team. Jerry is delusional and determined to prove everyone wrong. In his pursuit, he continues to prove Jimmy Johnson, the national media in general, local sports media in particular, and almost all NFL fans right.

They all laugh at him and he just keeps laughing with them, like an idiot. Like a fool.

You a real Cowboy? Nope.

The current Cowboys roster, whose talent is overrated by many, has proven to have no depth…and no idea how play defense. If not for the occasional lucky bounce or errant pass by an opposing QB, this defense would be doing even more to smash dubious team and league records. As it is, they have yielded more than 600 yards twice, each time setting a new franchise low. They set an NFL record when they yielded 40 first downs to the Saints.

Sure, they are missing key personnel. So is the Bears defense. But one team has NFL caliber players as back-ups. The other does not. In fact, one might conclude the Cowboys have two really good defensive players in Sean Lee and DeMarcus Ware, and neither of them seems able to stay healthy.

Honestly, from about the middle of the second quarter on, the Cowboys looked like a team that wanted nothing more in the world than to be someplace warm. I am not saying anyone can blame them, but both teams were playing in the same conditions. Both teams are comprised of humans whose bodies do not function as well when temperatures plunge to dangerous levels. Only one team was determined to battle the opponent and the elements and get a win.

I know a football team when I see one and this is no football team.

So, Jones drafts players with no brain (Ses Morris Claiborne with his pathetic Wonderlic score and inability to comprehend NFL coverages), no talent (see almost every member of the defense), and no heart (see last night or the New Orleans game).

Then he calls himself Coach Jones and dares to declare that he has done his best job as a GM in recent years.

If that is true, if that is his best, does anything more need to be said?

Really. Why am I wasting my time? This narcissist, this Napoleonic Syndrome-plagued fool has the trump card. He owns the team.He is Nero. If he wants to fiddle while the Cowboys smolder, who’s to stop him?

The Cowboys are not your team or my team. They are his toy.

The End.