Feb 032014

smoke-a-super-bowl-xlviiiAnother less-than-Super Bowl is in the books. Super Bowl XLVIII will now take its place alongside Super Bowl XXVII (Cowboys 52, Bills 17) and Super Bowl XXIV (49ers 55, Broncos 10) as an all-time old-fashioned butt-kickin’.

Now that the festivities are done and the countdown to draft day 2014 begins, it is time to make some observations about the big debacle and forever commit it to history.

Top 10 Super Bowl XLVIII observations from a Dallas Cowboys blogger’s perspective

  1. The Seattle Seahawks defense is the best we have seen since Ray Lewis and the 2000 Ravens, and may be better than that group.
  2. The refs let the Seahawks defense hold, pinch, kick, grab and do the Three Stooges’ eye poke at will. They appear to hold at least one receiver on EVERY play. I guess the idea is that the refs are not going to throw a flag on every play so do it with such regularity as to make it part of the norm.
  3. When did New York become the east side of Seattle? I cannot remember a louder or more partisan Super Bowl crowd. The 12th Man caused the first turnover and the first Seattle score…just 12 seconds into the game!
  4. Super Bowl XLVIII and Super Bowl XXVII are eerily similar. The upstart underdog won each game by an embarrassingly huge margin. Each team was a bit underrated going in. Both teams were young, well coached, and full of piss and vinegar. Each team had a steadying influence under center and a superstar with a big mouth. (Michael Irvin, meet Richard Sherman.) That Cowboys team went on a tear, winning three Super Bowls in four years and landing them in the conversation of greatest team of all time. The Seahawks look poised for a similar run. We will see.
  5. Peyton Manning is better than just about every quarterback to ever play the game, but just like every quarterback who ever played the game, the best way to control him is with pressure. If you can get that pressure without blitzing, and you have a stellar defensive backfield, it becomes almost impossible for the QB to be successful.
  6. Bruno Mars is Michael Jackson-like. Dude’s got skills.
  7. The Red Hot Chili Peppers did a better job representing their generation than Peyton did.
  8. I do not remember what they were advertising, but the commercial refuting the notion that Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial national holiday was spot on. For fans of the 30 teams NOT on the field, it is more like watching the girl you like dance with the dude you don’t at the prom.
  9. When you succeed, it is like you never failed. Seattle has been one of the most hapless franchises in football. It took them 30 years to get to a Super Bowl and 38 years to win one. Now, they will strut like they have always owned the NFL.
  10. When you fail, it is like you never succeeded. The Dallas Cowboys have been to eight Super Bowls. Only the Steelers can say as much. Also, the Cowboys have won FIVE Super Bowls. Only the Steelers have won more (six). Yet, nearly two decades of Jerry Jones trying to rid himself of the shadow of Jimmy Johnson and instead running his franchise into the mire of mediocrity has the Cowboys looking to the world like a failed franchise.

Congratulations to the Seahawks, to Cheatin’ Pete, and to the pothead 12th man. Enjoy your moment in the sun. When it is gone, it will be as thought it never was.