Feb 112014

michael-samIf you cannot wait until you have actually reached the pinnacle of your profession to get your 15 minutes in the sun, there is one sure-fire way to get everyone in the media chattering gleefully about you. Just come out of the closet. Heck. Even if you first have to rush into it and then come out.

Go ahead.

Everyone loves a man brave enough to tell us in whatever detail he pleases all the foul things he can’t wait to do to other men. Even if you find the very thought repulsive, you can never admit that. If you think it is morally reprehensible or biblically condemned, well, keep your trap shut or lie your ass off.

Either is fine.

So, now that Michael Sam has positioned himself for a great outcry from the loudest mouths in the universe (the so-called LGBT community) if he is not taken early in the draft, all 32 NFL teams are forced to give him more consideration than they might otherwise. Now, they have to consider whether they buy him as an elite talent, whether he fits into their scheme, and whether the members of their team will feel uncomfortable with their junk hanging out in front of a man who is attracted to that sort of junk.

Before you roll your eyes and dismiss me as a Neanderthal, get off your high horse. It is no different from considering whether it is prudent to put a red-blooded hetero man on a women’s soccer team and him showering and dressing with the girls. No difference at all. The dude likes dudes. Getting naked in from of him could be just as unsettling as a girl getting naked in a football locker room. I mean a non-whorish girl. But no one can make these arguments because of the loudmouths who make up the nation’s “conscience,” the mainstream media, will issue judgments like “bigot.”

Funny. There was a time when preachers and such were the conscience of the nation. Now it is the New York Times and ESPN (God help us).

To the crux of the matter here in Dallas. Will Jerry Jones and his bobble-head cabinet of “advisors” draft Michael Sam?

Todd Archer of ESPN.com (the DFW version) writes:

From a football perspective, the Dallas Cowboys have to figure out if Michael Sam is a fit for their defense.

If the Cowboys still ran a 3-4 defense, the answer might be more definitive. At 6-foot-2, 260 pounds, Sam, who revealed on Sunday that he is gay, is built more like an outside linebacker in a 3-4.

Now that the Cowboys run a 4-3, Sam might not fit as well as he might be too small to play defensive end.

Of the six defensive ends on the Cowboys’ roster at the end of the 2013 season, onlyDeMarcus Ware (258) and Martez Wilson (252) were lighter than Sam. At 6-1, Everette Brownwas the shortest defensive end on the roster and he was a role player after signing with the Cowboys during the season.

In other words, he does not really fit the Cowboys’ scheme. He was also less than impressive at the Senior Bowl and I have heard rumors that some super scout sorts think he will be more of a role player in the NFL.

If you are a so-so talent trying to make a splash in the NFL and get paid to do it, announcing you really like men a lot is probably a good move.

I mean, Tim Tebow was a phenomenal college player, too. His resumé far exceeds Sam’s impressive body of work at Mizzou. But Tebow had a couple of strikes against him at the next level. First, he was not really a pro level talent at the quarterback position. Second, he was an annoying conservative Christian who believed in such atrocious things as the sanctity of human life, the deity of Jesus Christ,  and giving God the glory for the good things in his life.

You can bet Tebow’s Christianity is more offensive to the New York and Left Coast media and to the strip clubbing,”make-it-rain” party hounds in NFL locker rooms than Sam’s gayness ever could be. Funny, isn’t it? We have come to the point where we think people should keep their religion private and make their sexual exploits public, so we can all celebrate them together.

More sick than funny. But, like the kids say, whatever.

Back to Jerry Jones, the Cowboys, and Sam.

Will Jerry draft Sam? He might. And it wouldn’t have to have a dang thing to with whether the guy fits the scheme or whether he is worthy of the draft pick. Big Top Jerry would do the deal just to make sure the world’s attention is turned to Arlington.

And, for Cowboys fans who once believed the old fool was a great owner because he was all about winning, that is sad. Truly. Sad.

And, if you think about wanting attention for all the wrong reasons, it is pretty gay.