Mar 112014


The Dallas Cowboys are a mediocre team coming off an historically bad season, defensively. So, it makes perfect sense to cut one of the best—and most productive—defensive players in the history of the franchise.


Absolutely, it does.

DeMarcus Ware, for all the wonderful things he has done in a Cowboys uniform, is coming off his least productive season. He recorded just six sacks in 2013. He has been in and out of the lineup with injuries over the past three seasons. He has required a couple of surgeries and we are beginning to see diminishing returns on the field.

Time is catching up to one of the past decade’s most dominant players. As it always has. As it always does. As it always will.

As much as the starry-eyed kid in me wants to throw a tantrum and hang Jerry Jones in effigy, as much as I want to believe in players having passion for the game and love for a team or a city, I just cannot bring myself to be so naive.

This is professional football.

Sure, there is passion and love. There is also a paycheck. The paycheck always trumps the passion. DeMarcus does not want to give Dallas a hometown discount. He feels he has earned his money and is worth it. The Cowboys cannot afford to tie up $17 million of salary cap money on an aging player when the team has so many glaring needs.

Sadly, the nature of a contract whose value increases over time is that, by the time the contract reaches its zenith in value, the player may have passed his prime. He was underpaid as a young player and now he will be overpaid as an older player.

Only, deMarcus won’t be. Overpaid, that is. Not by the Cowboys.

So, we come to say our tearful goodbyes to a player that excelled on the field and carried himself with dignity and class off of it. Until we meet again to enshrine you forever in the Cowboys Ring of Honor, fare thee well, faithful friend. And godspeed.