Sep 112017

It’s a stunningly beautiful sunrise over Arlington, TX (home of the Dallas Cowboys) on the first Victory Monday of the season!

Observations from Section 317

~ I know it’s expensive to go to a game … I know many fans prefer watching the games from the comfort of their couches … but if you haven’t saved up to go to at least one game at The Stadium, I strongly advise it. Get there early because, in my experience, the pre-game warm-ups and the audio/video on our “big screen” are worth the $.

~ Last night’s giveaway might be my all-time favorite: it was awesome to see everyone carrying a little Texas flag. It was even better seeing the big Texas flag on the field right next to the US flag.

Of Princes and Punters

Cowboys beat Giants scoreboard~ Jason Witten just keeps on being amazing in his 15th season. 15! With his 11,947 receiving yards, he now has the most receiving yards in Cowboys history and he, for now, is in 6th place in NFL history for catches! Just as impressive (IMO), he has tied “Too Tall” Jones for the most games played with the Dallas Cowboys — 224.

~ It was late when I made it home last night so I have not, yet, watched my recording of the game but when I do? I can already tell you, at least once, I’ll grumble, “Shut up, Collinsworth.”

~ Good on the front office for signing Chris Jones to a 4-year contract extension. 4 punts last night — ALL 4 of them were downed inside the 20-yard line.

~ That Beasley catch. I need to turn on SportsCenter to be sure it made the Top 10 Plays list. If not, they’re doing it wrong. (Sidenote: glad to see Bease has grown out his hair again!)

Not an Aggie!

~ Quote of the night on the Cowboys radio broadcast came while Brad Sham & Kristi Scales were discussing a smart decision by Garrett. Brad quipped, “Well, you know he went to Princeton.” Kristi replied with “Well, he only went to Princeton because he couldn’t get into Texas A&M.” 

~ Sean Lee & Jaylon Smith (yes, Jaylon Smith — so excited for him!) combined for 15 tackles in that game. 3 sacks. 1 interception. Giants were SHUT OUT in the first half and our D didn’t allow a TD in the game. FANTASTIC game by our D.

~ Well, as it turns out, it might actually make a difference who the running back is, in spite of McAdoo’s comment last week. Great, grinding game by #21 and our O Line.

~ I really don’t mean to go all “get off my lawn” on y’all but I do NOT get the jersey exchange. I don’t like it. If y’all want to be buddies and trade jerseys, do it somewhere other than the field after a game. I want to imagine (though I know it’s not true anymore) that y’all hate each other before, during & after the games — especially the other NFC East teams!