Mar 112009

When has “reality” ever felt more surreal?

It’s all set. Michael Irvin has his reality show, dubbed Fourth and Long. He has the dirty dozen contestants all penciled in. He has Spike TV set to run the series. And, most importantly – and most distressing to any level-headed Cowboys’ fan, he has Jerry Jones’ commitment of the 80th preseason roster spot reserved for the “winner.”

Hey, I don’t deny it’s a unique idea. Nor do I deny that I will set my DVR to record the series. I just think it sadly telling that while 31 other NFL franchises are working on bettering their football teams, Jones is adding another Big Top to the circus. He continues to prove that style often trumps substance, that being “America’s Team” is just as important to him as winning that sixth Super Bowl, that he cannot get enough of the limelight.

(Someone said the sponsor for the new stadium should be Barnum & Bailey & Ringling Brothers. Not a bad idea.)

At any rate, Cowboy Nation, Dancin’ To the Star is a done deal…may as well enjoy. If anyone can motivate a nobody to be somebody, if anyone can instill in an average athlete an above-average heart and desire, it’s Michael Friggin’ Irvin.

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