Mar 242009
Held Up

Held Up

Everyone from ESPN to the Dallas Morning News is reporting that the Dallas Cowboys are shopping Bobby Carpenter. Expect it to be a tough sale with few takers…and no one willing to spend more than a 4th or 5th round pick for Goldilocks.

After being taken with the 18th pick in the first round of the 2006 draft, Bobby Carpenter has proven to be one of the larger first round busts in team history. Over the past two seasons, he has recorded just 7 tackles on defense. You have to go to special teams to find any sort of contribution at all. He recorded 30 special teams tackles during the recent two-season span.

For all of his genius, Bill Parcells has proven to have an Achilles’ heel related to former players of his. No matter how long in the tooth, how far removed from any real productivity, Big Bill brings them in wherever he is, because he “trusts” them. Bobby’s dad, Rob, was one of Parcells’ players when he was with the Giants. He was a productive player (fullback) and a favorite of the Tuna. No doubt, the Tuna’s belief in the man he once coached colored his evaluation of the man’s blond bombshell (or, make that bomb) progeny.

Anyway, the Cowboys shopping Carpenter reminds me of my wife insisting on having a garage sale before I haul off the junk that has been collecting in the garage for a couple years. It’s hard to find a buyer who treasures your trash enough to do much more than haul it away for you. Carpenter apparently lacks both the tools and the drive to excel at the highest level of football. I wonder, after the garage sale produces no buyers, will the Cowboys make a run to the nearest charity drop-off receptacle?

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What a waste of a pick!

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