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Go long! Not thar LONG! Come back!

Blue*Blood (n)of noble or aristocratic descent.

(Silver and) Blue*BloodIf you cut us, do we not bleed it?!

While conventional media strives for objectivity, we have no qualms letting you know that our glasses are not so much rose-colored as silver-and-blue tinted.

We love the Dallas Cowboys. Always have…always will. That doesn’t mean, however, that we will pull punches or hold our tongues when we deem it appropriate to criticize the organization, its owner, GM (see owner), coaches, players, cheerleaders, fans, and vendors.

What these silver and blue lenses do mean is that we see the world from a certain perspective. If a thing is good for, say, the Redskins, we figure it is, at best, tragic, and at worst, inherently evil. Same goes with the Giants. And let’s not even talk about the little green men from the city of brotherly shove.

If you love the Dallas Cowboys or NFL football, subscribe to our feed or bookmark us. If you hate the Cowboys, do the same. If you are ambivalent, how the heck did you get here in the first place?

Contact us at info@silverandblueblood.com

PS- We reserve the right to write about any topic that suits our fancy, even if it has nothing whatever to do with the Cowboys or the NFL. After all, there are rumors out there that other sports and topics exist. We may occasionally chase down one of those rumors.

About Gene

Gene Strother is the owner of—and primary writer for —silverandblueblood.com. He is also a featured columnist for BleacherReport.com.

Gene has a patchwork background that even he has trouble unweaving. He has been a Baptist minister, a regional auto upholstery salesman, a Rent-A-Center store manager, a middle school teacher, and a licensed property adjuster.

Call him a Jack-of-all-trades, a Renaissance man, or just a man running as fast as he can to keep from being the man under that bridge with a cardboard sign in hand.

“Will write for money.”

No, really. He will! Got a project, a blog, web content you need crafted? Contact him here!

Through all of his many ventures, writing has been his passion. He loves the magic of language. He loves to see it in the hands of a skilled writer, bending and twisting phrases, making you “listen,” making you believe.

Gene lives in the Dallas area with his wife of 30 years. They have three grown daughters, a superhero/grandson, and a crankly, old miniature Schnauzer.


About Rob

Rob Wren has been blogging for 10 years. He has followed the Dallas Cowboys for over 40 years.  He saw firsthand Roger Staubach’s Hail Mary, and literally cried in disappointment at the close of Super Bowl 10.  He has been spoiled by the success of the 60’s and 70’s, disillusioned by the mediocrity of the 80’s, emboldened by the greatness of the 90’s, and frankly, sickened ever since. Nonetheless, he bleeds silver and blue and always will. He is optimistic and hopeful every July, but not afraid to face the truths of December when need be.

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