Nov 212016

America’s Team!

We’re on Cloud 9 (and 1) on this beautiful Victory Monday in Arlington, TX — home of the 1st Place Dallas Cowboys!

Observations from Section 317…

~ It has to be said: Tony Romo is a class act. His speech, last Tuesday, was emotional and essential. We (his fans & Cowboys fans, in general) needed to hear it so we could get behind Prescott & enjoy this ride — or, at least, I did!

~ It was early (very early) in the game so easily forgotten but I think Hester is STILL feeling the hit by Mayle on the 1st punt of the game.

~ 1st & 30? No problem for this team. Seriously.

~ I have no idea how Witten talked the trainers into letting him have his helmet back after the hit he took that made him woozy in the first half but I’m glad he did (and I’m not surprised he did)!

~ There are a few individual defensive plays that come to mind but not one player that jumps out at me as THE defensive player of the game. That’s the way these “Jimmies & Joes” have played this season — led by their captain, #50.

~ Brice Butler really made a splash this week. While there were only two catches — they were BIG catches. Good on ya, #19.

~ As much as I’ve complained about it in the past, I need to give kudos to the Dallas Cowboys organization for FINALLY doing away with that stupid Kiss Cam. Please keep it up!

Cowboys are the 2016 AFC North Champions!

~ Can we play THIS AFC North every year, please? 😉

~ If you haven’t seen “the cup & the trash” video from the game, go find it on your favorite social media site. It’s a little thing but I think it shows the character of this team’s leader, Dak Prescott. The starting quarterback of America’s Team missed the trash can on the sidelines. I’m betting a majority of players would leave it there. Dak Prescott got up off the bench, picked up the cup & put it in the trash can … and I’m pretty sure he had no idea a camera was on him so everyone would see this. His mama would be proud — I wish she was here to see it.

Dez Does It…Again.

~ While I consider Dak to be this team’s leader, I consider Dez Bryant to be this team’s inspirational leader. For fans(?) who have been talking nonsense about Dez this season, shut it down. This was yet another emotional and impactful game from Dez. For the national media and folks who don’t follow our team like we do, they can criticize him all they want but we true fans know the difference #88 makes on our team.

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Living in California in 1972, as a 7-year-old girl, Jeanette Brewer watched "America's Team" on Monday Night Football. She was instantly hooked and has been a Dallas Cowboys fan since that night. A year later, her family moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth. Jeanette currently runs her family's business in downtown Arlington, TX - just five minutes from Cowboys (AT&T) Stadium. She holds a degree in History from University of Texas-Arlington and since UTA hasn't had a football program since her time there, the Cowboys get all of her attention during football season. Jeanette is neither a blogger nor a writer, but enjoys making observations about her favorite team. She is the eternal optimist and believes, each year, that this is "our year". She has two children and three grandchildren -- the toddler boys have already been taught to "Throw Up The X" and the baby girl has her DC Cheerleader uniform ready to go for this season & beyond.

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