Jan 192017

Observations from Section 317:

~ FIGHT. It’s what’s on their t-shirts, it’s what their coaches expected of these players, it’s what Cowboys fans wanted to see. Our Boys did just that –they did it all season.

~ Those #FinishThisFight videos we’ve been watching all week? They were AMAZING on the big screen in The Stadium. Amazing.

~ I’ve said this several times this season and it was even more so last night — our crowd was FANTASTIC! I’m hoping, with this young team, that our crowd builds on this and is even better next year. Either way, I’ll be there, doing my part!

~ As a general rule, the Packers fans were decent but I was really disappointed to hear their “go pack go” chant while there was an injured Cowboy on the turf. Heck, that’s Philly-worthy. (PS To new readers: that’s not a compliment.)

~ I never blame officiating for a loss BUT that officiating crew was awful. The NFL has a lot of things to be fixed but officiating tops the list.

~ Stop with the bye week nonsense. We played for and earned that #1 seed & bye week. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

~ Hmmmm….maybe we should hire some of the geniuses who call into the post-game and morning-after shows to coach our team & call the plays next year. Whatcha think?

~ I’ve learned to trust Will McClay and the guys in the front office making personnel decisions but I’m really hoping they’ll concentrate on getting a lean, mean pass rusher between now & next year.

~ I’m fairly certain that last night was the last time we’ll see Tony Romo in Silver & Blue. My wish would be for him to retire (better yet, backup Dak!) but I understand what a competitor he is and I know how badly he wants to play. Remembering the run of bad luck we had with quarterbacks between Aikman & Romo (8 of them), I’ll forever remember him fondly for what he did for my favorite team.

~ That was the definition of a heartbreaking loss. I couldn’t be prouder of the way our Boys played last night. This was a surprise dream season (I mean, come on, you were as worried as I was when our QB went down in pre-season!) right up until that field goal with 0:00 left last night. What a year it’s been! Even better? Though you can’t COUNT on making it back to the playoffs from year to year, our team looks built to play well & win for years to come. Cowboys Fan for Life.

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Living in California in 1972, as a 7-year-old girl, Jeanette Brewer watched "America's Team" on Monday Night Football. She was instantly hooked and has been a Dallas Cowboys fan since that night. A year later, her family moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth. Jeanette currently runs her family's business in downtown Arlington, TX - just five minutes from Cowboys (AT&T) Stadium. She holds a degree in History from University of Texas-Arlington and since UTA hasn't had a football program since her time there, the Cowboys get all of her attention during football season. Jeanette is neither a blogger nor a writer, but enjoys making observations about her favorite team. She is the eternal optimist and believes, each year, that this is "our year". She has two children and three grandchildren -- the toddler boys have already been taught to "Throw Up The X" and the baby girl has her DC Cheerleader uniform ready to go for this season & beyond.

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