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The Dallas Cowboys are 0-2 in the preseason and that means…absolutely nothing.

In the spirit of Jerry Jones (and the FAKE Jerry Jones), this article is all about “positivity.”

Your Dallas Cowboys lost to the Baltimore Ravens 37-30 last night in week two of the NFL preseason, but there were some positive things to take away from the game, anyways.

Here are my top 10 “positivity” pills for that queasy feeling you have in your stomach concerning the Dallas Cowboys 2014 NFL campaign:

  1. Tony Romo looked good. He was not on the field long, but he was effective. He was also mobile and seemed himself when dancing and spinning his way out of harm’s way.
  2. Dez Bryant is the new Michael Irvin, as sure as “Orange is the new Black.” Talent-wise, anyways. Throw a jump ball in Dez’s direction and see what happens. Try to arm tackle Dez and see what you get. He is in monster mode and ready to take the step into the elite level of top five receivers in the NFL.
  3. DeMarco Murray looks like the “bell cow” coach Jason Garrett said he could be.
  4. The offensive line opened holes for runners and protected Romo like he was Fort Knox bullion. Getting it right on three first-rounders in the O-Line helps.
  5. Zach Minter, the defensive tackle signed on Thursday, who went through just ONE practice with the Cowboys, wreaked havoc and sparked a comeback effort. In a span of just five plays, he had a QB pressure, a tackle for loss, and a sack. He finished with two sacks and a forced fumble. On a D-Line desperately needing reinforcements, that is a positive sign.
  6. MLB Rolando McClain, the former first-rounder who has twice quit football, finished with four tackles and flashed athletic supremacy a time or two.
  7. QB Dustin Vaughan lead the Boys on a nice drive, which he crowned with a touchdown pass. He has owner/GM Jerry “Jiggy-Wid-It” Jones (nickname based on recently publicized photos of the feisty and insufferably foolish septuagenarian) saying he may consider keeping three QBs this season.
  8. Dan Bailey. On a night when the specials teams were especially pathetic (giving up a 108-yard touchdown; returning a kick to just their own five yard line after a bad bobble; etc), Bailey was rock-solid. As usual. As always. Dan is like Dez: top five at his position. That may be good for a win or two in 2014.
  9. Scott Linehan. The new passing game coordinator made his mark on the game. His multiple-set, bubble-screen-happy passing approach looks to be a nice enhancement of an already potent passing attack.
  10. Rod Marinelli. Even when the defense is being gashed, there is something comforting about the intensity and intelligence Marinelli brings to the side of the ball we worry the most about these days. DoomsDay Defense means something entirely difference in Dallas these days. it means no Cowboys lead is safe and no number of touchdowns by the offense is too many. It’s bad. Really stinkin’ bad. But…I just don’t think Marinelli will suffer through another season with a 32nd ranked defense. He will make the most of the personnel he has. Given the collective ability of that personnel, that may only be good enough for a top 25 defense. But that may be good enough for a playoff appearance, when you consider the fire power on the offensive side of things.

So, there. Positivity.

Feel better?

I do. For now.

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