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The 2015 season began with hope and high expectations for your Dallas Cowboys. Fresh off of a 12-4 season and still smarting from the Dez Bryant catch-that-wasn’t in Green Bay, the thought was that the team Jerry, Steven and Co. had assembled was set to make a real push for the Super Bowl.

Instead, the team posted a miserable 4-12 record and finished dead last in the worst division in the NFL.

What Happened?

Well, Romo happened…to crack his collar bone. The quarterback so many football idiots like to say “sucks” – the one these same geniuses say the Cowboys can never win a Super Bowl with went down to injury…and his team went down the toilet.

So, what did we learn from the lost year 2015? What can we salvage so that the miserable experience of watching the Cowboys fail again and again isn’t a total loss?

Here’s a list. I doubt it is comprehensive:

  1. Tony Romo’s injuries exposed the Cowboys as a team totally dependent on their field general. TOTALLY.
  2. The mess at backup QB exposed the Cowboys as a team unable to provide a viable plan B at QB.
  3. Romo’s injuries and age make it apparent the time to address life after Romo is NOW.The loss of Demarco Murray was significant, but not the sole reason the team was 4-12.
  4. Joseph Randle proved you cannot plug just any running back in behind the Cowboys’ elite offensive line and succeed in the running game.
  5. Darren McFadden proved you can plug almost anyone in behind that line. Still, he is not likely the long-term — or short-term answer.
  6. Desperation moves rarely work out.
    • The Cowboys traded a conditional pick to the Seahawks for Christine Michael (A girl’s first name, but a guy’s last name), a guy, and then later cut him. He is back on the Seahawks’ roster and contributing.
    • The Cowboys traded a 6th round pick to the Raiders for Brice Butler. He played in seven games and started but two. He recorded 12 receptions for 258 yards and zero touchdowns. All of this with opportunity aplenty due to long stints without Dez Bryant.
  7. Bad guys with good football skills and a toxic locker room presence are bad bets. Hello, Greg Hardy, you woman-beating scamp, you. Oh, but you are a fierce pass rusher. Right? Pft. Jerry Jones called this cancer a “team leader.” He recorded six sacks in 12 games. He had just 23 tackles and 12 assists. Word on the street was that he upset the locker room chemistry. He never showed an ounce of humility or remorse for his pathetic, unmanly, cowardly misdeeds. He should have never been signed and should immediately be cut. But, you know, Jerry is Jerry. A moral compass is not something he even understands, let alone gives a rip about.
  8. Jason Garrett’s abilities as head coach were severely tested in 2015…and he failed the test. I have been a staunch defender of Garrett, but this was the year for him to prove his leadership could make a difference in games when the chips were stacked against him. He failed to prove anything remotely like that.
  9. The roller coaster ride of Jerry Jones sans Jimmy Johnson continues to leave the Cowboys as an also-ran, sometimes up, sometimes down franchise seldom in the mix and never in the Super Bowl. He has figured out that his franchise will remain wildly popular and highly profitable despite nearly two decades of mediocrity. So, he remains empowered and determined to win it “his way.”
  10. All told, 2015 was just another in a long string of Jerry Jones induced lost years for Cowboys fans whose grip on the storied past of the great franchise remains firm. But…for how much longer?

The Dallas Cowboys 2015 campaign is history. It was a lost year. The work begins on making sure the Cowboys find their stride in 2016.

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