Oct 102016


Observations from Section 317

~ The weekly National Anthem report: ALL of our Boys were at attention, toes on the line, during our Anthem. Our GIRLS (best cheerleaders in the NFL) are also, not surprisingly, at attention for the Anthem each week. Additionally, anytime I see one of them on the big screen during the Anthem, they’re singing. I think they’re ALL singing but I’ll keep an eye on that….

~ I’m thankful for a cloudy (and end-zone-doors-open) day so the late afternoon sunlight didn’t play a supporting role in yesterday’s game.

~ It’s a uniform. That means, if pink is going to be a part of the uniform, it needs to be UNIFORM! Everyone needs to wear pink cleats, or a pink towel or a pink <insert random football uniform item here> OR let’s just put pink everywhere else in the Stadium EXCEPT on the uniforms.#IsMyOCDShowing?

~ So…..THAT’S what a pass rush will do for you, huh?

~ I don’t really follow baseball but I understand that there is a difference between a run that gets charged to a pitcher & a run that DOESN’T get charged to a pitcher. We need something like that in football. When a receiver DROPS a ball, I don’t think that should count against a QB!

Zeke the freak, Dak attack and… Dez back?

~ Zeke ran; Zeke caught passes; Zeke was even out there on the “hands team” to catch that onside kick. So far, Cowboys (heck — NFL) Rookie of the Year!

~ Of course, Zeke has some serious competition for the Cowboys Rookie of the Year in Dak. Each week, I’m holding my breath, wondering if THIS is the week we all come down to earth and he looks like a rookie — each week, I exhale and say, “Wow! The kid is good!”

~ I wanted that shut-out for our Defense! I’m blaming Babe Laufenberg since he jinxed them by saying the words on the radio broadcast. Ugh. At least, Brad Sham called him out on it!

~ That was a beautiful TEAM win — “all three phases” (as our coach would say) came together and made it happen. First Landry Shift of the season at home — loved it!

~ I don’t know if Dez will be healthy enough to play until after the bye but, personally (and it’s all about me!), I really need him to play next week in Green Bay to exorcise our catch-that-wasn’t demon. #DezCaughtIt

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