May 032013
Closed for Bidness, Y'all

Closed for Bidness, Y’all

Dallas Cowboys Country Club is closed as Jerry Jones raises accountability bar on #cowboys players

Dallas Cowboys Country Club is closed as Jerry Jones increases player accountability at Valley Ranch.

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The Dallas Cowboys Country Club has closed its doors for business. Jerry Jones – thanks, we believe, to the influence of Jason Garrett and the stinging criticism of former coach Jimmy Johnson – has raised the bar of accountability on the Dallas Cowboys players.
Jimmy Johnson: ‘Country club’ Cowboys have no fearIRVING, Texas — Wednesday was a busy day for former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson. He called out owner Jerry Jones for saying he was the g…
Jimmy Johnson: Cowboys atmosphere is like playing at a Country Clubs4SsmG_OWKnPkf2uhY1yLQ

New Atmosphere of accountability evident in personnel moves

Think about the personnel moves the Cowboys have made and continue to make this offseason.
First, there Jerry signing Tony Romo to a new contract. 
While Romo detractors (and there are plenty, including fans, media types, players and former players) decry the Romo contract…
Tony Romo 6 yr 55 million dollar extension. Wow really, with one playoff win. You got to be kidding meDonovan McNabb
…more sensible analysts (like me) understand that Tony Romo is a top ten (maybe top five) QB talent and is far and away the best option the Cowboys have at this time. Jerry absolutely did the right thing investing in Romo.

Moreover, this is the first indication of Jerry’s new accountability model. Apparently, written into the contract is an agreement that Romo will spend more time in film reviewing, working with coaches on game-planning, and managing the offensive game plan during the course of the game.
Romo will put in ‘Peyton Manning-type time’IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys still aren’t ready to announce their offensive play-caller, but one thing is clear about that process. Quarte…
Here is an excerpt from the above article:

Owner/general manager Jerry Jones said part of his agreement with Romo, who signed a seven-year, $119.5 million contract extension this offseason, was the quarterback would spend “Peyton Manning-type time” at the facility. 

That isn’t meant to imply that Romo hadn’t been appropriately dedicated in the past. The point is that Romo will have extraordinary responsibility in helping to create game plans in the future. 

“Tony is more involved in the finished product,” Jones said. “He is more involved, unequivocally. I’m counting that in. That ought to produce some success. It will produce some success. I’m talking about the kind of plays we run, a lot of what we do offensively.” 

The logic is that the Cowboys want to tailor the game plans to Romo’s skills and preferences as much as possible. Every play in each game plan will essentially have Romo’s seal of approval.

Next, Jerry let twin 2008 first round picks CB Mike Jenkins and RB Felix Jones go.

Neither Jenkins nor Jones ever really panned out as first round talent. Both struggled to stay on the field due to injury and neither made a sustained positive impact on the team. Neither was a starter at his position in 2012. Both were free agents after the season and Jerry has elected not to pursue re-signing either of them.
Seeing Jerry give up and walk away from two first round busts is another sign of the new accountability status at Valley Ranch. Jerry will not admit the two were busts, because he is too proud and stubborn to do that. Be his actions are much louder than his words.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins: "those guys aren’t NFL busts"Cornerback Mike Jenkins has agreed to a one-year deal with Oakland. Running back Felix Jones has visited Cincinnati but left without a co…
There is the looming threat of freeing Doug Free. 

Jerry signed the offensive tackle to a massive contract and then watched him struggle to stop pass rushers. In 2012, Free led the league in penalties for an offensive tackle, with 15 total. He also surrendered 9-1/2 sacks.

But The Cowboys may be set to set Doug Free. At least, that is what the player believes at this point.

Source: Free Doesn’t Think He’ll Stay With DallasIt is a gigantic game of Chicken. It is also a gigantic game of Musical Chairs. And the two games involve gigantic sums of money and, bec…
No more big bucks for small production, Dougie. Jerry is putting his foot down. You will either agree to a paycheck more commiserate with your production or take your overmatched rear end somewhere else. Tyson Clabo and Eric Winston, both better players, are waiting in the wings to play for less money than you.

Jerry calls out DeMarco Murray

Jones explained the drafting of fifth round pick Joseph Randle by stating that when he thought of relying solely on Demarco Murray to carry the load at RB, he had “visions of 8-8.”

Jerry Jones: Cowboys need more than DeMarco MurrayDallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones insists his team needs more than just DeMarco Murray in the backfield if the Cowboys are to escape a haz…
Murray has proven to be fragile. He battled the injury bug in college and has continued to do so in the NFL. When he plays, he is productive. But he has missed significant time due to injury.

Jerry is being very public about what he expects from his players.

Jones did not have to tell the world what he expected of Romo. But he did. He did not have to light Murray’s pants on fire, but he did.  He defended his selection of Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins in the first round of the 2008 draft, but he WAVED GOODBYE to them.
I believe there may be any number of factors playing into the new era of accountability. He may simply be as sick of 8-8 as his fans are. He may be smarting from the stinging criticism of his most successful former coach. He may be thinking about how much more money winning will make him. He may be influenced by the no-nonsense approach of his coach Jason Garrett. He may be tired of rival NFC East quarterbacks like Eli Manning and RGIII owning his shiny new stadium. (Manning carved his name in the locker room and RGIII pumped up Redskins fans by bragging that his Redskins “made Cowboys stadium our home.”
RG3 On Redskins: We Want To Make Cowboys Stadium Our HomeRobert Griffin III is a fast healer, and all signs point to him being ready to start game one of the NFL regular season against the Phila…
Jerry can read. Jerry can hear. Jerry can see. 

Maybe he is tired of putting a pig in a billion-dollar pen and watching it wallow in the mire of mediocrity. Maybe he is ready to make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear.

Or better, a shiny new Lombardi trophy.


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