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Following is a new SBB feature from a longtime friend and fellow Dallas Cowboys fan – one with season tickets and she isn’t afraid to use them! Please welcome to Jeanette Brewer to the growing SilverAndBlueBlood family of author-fans. Jeanette will give her impressions from the stadium following each home game. Enjoy! (written by Gene)


Observations from Section 317



— I would presume that all NFL teams had moving 9/11 videos/events before today’s games but I can’t speak to those. I CAN tell you that the video (Rise Up) and the pre-recorded speech by George W. Bush were extremely touching. As usual, George W. was well-received by the Cowboys fans.

— My family, friends & customers know the rules for Monday after a loss: give me (at least) 24 hours to get over it before they talk to me. I think I’ll tell them that I’m okay. In spite of the loss, I was impressed with our rookie QB. There’s hope in this Romo-less stretch of games. The kid looked good. #DakAttack #TruDak #QuarterDak

— I wish Beasley hadn’t cut his hair. Very un-Solomon-like in that it doesn’t seem to affect his play but, still, I miss those golden locks!

— Dan Bailey. There just aren’t enough adjectives for the player he is. (Oh…and Ladouceur doesn’t get enough credit for what he does but I’m glad he’s a Cowboy.) I kept thinking (right up until the clock hit 0:00) that Bailey would end up winning the game for us. Didn’t we all???

— The halftime salute to our first responders was first class. DPD’s Chief Brown received a well-deserved rousing ovation. #ArmInArm

cowboys-9-11— Considering that Morris had the “hot hand” today, I’d really have liked to have seen him in there for a couple more series.

— Today was my first “beer spill” experience. When our defense stopped NY on that 3rd down with 1:30 left, my neighbor was (I guess?) holding his beer on that play. (Why? I would ask….) Anyway, said beer ended up all over me. The “rally towel” I had been waving came in handy! 🙂

— Terrell McClain looked really good today.

— Ben McAdoo might be a good coach but I just can’t get past that hair cut. Seriously.

dak— “…I should’ve just went [sic] out of bounds and lived for the next play.” ~Terrance Williams

Gee….ya think?

— Bonus observation: There was no Kiss Cam today. Can I really hope that it has finally been eliminated from the list of “time-killers” during TV time-outs?

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Living in California in 1972, as a 7-year-old girl, Jeanette Brewer watched "America's Team" on Monday Night Football. She was instantly hooked and has been a Dallas Cowboys fan since that night. A year later, her family moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth. Jeanette currently runs her family's business in downtown Arlington, TX - just five minutes from Cowboys (AT&T) Stadium. She holds a degree in History from University of Texas-Arlington and since UTA hasn't had a football program since her time there, the Cowboys get all of her attention during football season. Jeanette is neither a blogger nor a writer, but enjoys making observations about her favorite team. She is the eternal optimist and believes, each year, that this is "our year". She has two children and three grandchildren -- the toddler boys have already been taught to "Throw Up The X" and the baby girl has her DC Cheerleader uniform ready to go for this season & beyond.

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