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Long-suffering Cowboys fans have looked with a wishful and hopeful eye to the future. Jerry Jones cannot go on forever. Some day, he will give in to the advancing years or the Grim Reaper and his son Stephen will take the reins. Then, sanity will be restored to team leadership. Stephen will save the day!

Jerry Jones is sick. We all know it. He has a horrible case of Optimisticitis, which causes him to see everything he does and sees as better than it actually is. This dread disease robs the mind of a realistic view of the world. Couple that with Spinster’s Disease, which causes its host to put a spin on every topic, regardless of how insane the spin may be, and you have one very sick man.

After getting off to one of the worst starts of any owner of any professional sports franchise in history, Jerry Jones earned the respect and trust of Dallas Cowboys fans by hiring Jimmy Johnson and subsequently delivering three Super Bowl championships. Then, he lost it when his pride got in the way of football and he fired Jimmy. Then, he regained it when he and Barry Switzer proved that, by God, that team was so good “any of 500 coaches” could have won the Super Bowl with it. Then, he lost it again, slowly, over 15 years and counting of fielding football teams that ranged from disgraceful to mediocre to under-achieving.

Stephen save us!

But Stephen won’t save you. He cannot. It appears he is suffering from the same crippling disease as dear ol’ dad.

Case in point: his comments on the recently departed bust of a first round running back, Felix Jones. This from John Machota of Sports Day:

“The guy played for us in a significant role,” Stephen Jones said. “I still say that’s very successful. I’d also say running backs, this day and time, a guy can be very successful in his first contract as a running back and not necessarily sign the second one. The shelf life of a running back, unfortunately is not as long as some other positions. We were very pleased with the career Felix had here with us. You always hate when it comes to a close. No regrets there.”

It seemed evident that the Cowboys would not re-sign Felix Jones after they drafted Oklahoma State running back Joseph Randle last month in the fifth round.

Felix Jones, who started 23 games in Dallas, will get a chance to face his old team at least twice next year, with the first matchup coming on Oct. 20 in Philadelphia.

“You know what we think of Felix, being a Razorback,” said Stephen Jones, an Arkansas graduate. “He made a lot of great plays for us. Obviously, we wish him luck, except when the Cowboys and Eagles play.”

He cannot be serious! This was not some guy they took a late-round flier on. He was not an undrafted free agent like Tony Romo. He was a first-round draft pick! 

The man was never a featured back in college, nor was he in Dallas.

Inside the Felix Jones numbers

  • Jones was drafted in the first round in 2008, 22nd overall pick
  • In five years with Dallas (5×16=80), he started just 23 games.
  • He compiled 2728 yards rushing, an average of 545.6 yds/year.
  • He had 1066 yards receiving.
  • He scored 11 touchdowns rushing and 3 receiving. (That was a half season of work for Emmitt Smith.)
  • He did have 1534 kick and punt return yards and one TD to go with that.
  • He fumbled the ball 12 times.
  • He never came close to winning NFL post-season honors, like All-Pro, Pro Bowl, All-Conference, etc.

Those are not miserable stats.

But it is not first round production, either. Jones’ production peaked in his third season, when he accumulated 800 yards rushing. His final season, he had half that.

Meanwhile, the Titans’ Chris Johnson, taken two spots later in the draft has amassed 6,888 rushing yards and 44 rushing TDs. Rashard Mendenhall (not considered a great first rounder by any stretch) was taken one spot after Felix. He has rushed for 3549 yards and scored 29 rushing touchdowns.

Who cares if he is from Arkansas?

“You know what we think of Felix, being a Razorback,” Stephen Jones quipped.

Well, Stevie Wonder Boy Jones, you know what we think of you wasting a first round pick on an under-achieving Razorback, being Cowboys fans.

Who cares if he played for Arkansas or was smuggled in on a shipment of Mackerel from the Ukraine? Can he play football at a high enough level to warrant a first round pick? You only get so many of those in a lifetime. You cannot be playing partisan college football politics with them. Instead, build your fans a football team worthy of the stadium your daddy built.

And go see a doctor about that disease. It may be hereditary, but it does not have to be fatal.

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