Dec 272016

Observations from Section 317

From Mr. Cowboy to Mr. Cowboy:

~ I enjoyed the annual tradition of the presentation of the Bob Lilly Award (by Mr. Cowboy himself) to the current Cowboys player who best represents the highest level of achievement, sportsmanship, dedication and leadership. Yet again, it was presented to Mr. Cowboy 2.0 (Jason Witten) and rightfully so.

~ For a game that didn’t really matter (to us) in the overall scheme, it was emblematic of THIS team and its leadership to see them go out there and take care of business like they did. #FinishTheFight

~ I haven’t, yet, watched the recording of last night’s game so I’m not sure if the TV guys mentioned Sean Lee’s “get your bleepin’ act together right bleepin’ now” speech to his teammates on the sidelines but it appears that when Sean Lee speaks, the guys listen. They completely SHUT OUT the Lions after The General gave them that earful.

Dez for QB? No, but…

~ Dez Bryant’s QBR for December 26, 2016: 147 🙂 “I was really nervous,” he said in a post-game interview. What a fun play to watch!

~ If ever there was a perfect night in December for The Roof to be open, last night was it. I’m sad that we missed the opportunity. 🙁

~ Did the television coverage catch Zeke’s first touchdown celebration which paid homage to Dez & Beasley with the X and the Sauce? Then, we saw Mr. Cowboy throw up the X after the previously-mentioned TD pass from Bryant. These guys are really having fun this season — winning helps with that!

~ The hit by Chris Jones certainly deserves a mention in this list. A kicker?! That hit?! Impressive!

Texas Home Cookin’

~ Our home (at The Stadium) fans have really been FANTASTIC this year. Jason Garrett has mentioned it in nearly every post-game press conference. (NOTE: I’m fairly convinced that he’s intentionally sending a subliminal message to us during those pressers but, regardless, he mentions it often.) Last night, though? Are you kidding me? The Wave??? Ugh. Yes, I was the bump on a log in our section who remained seated and watched the game instead.

~ Does anyone have a connection to our cheerleaders? I have a question that is burning to be answered: Is it a requirement (which I would fully support, of course!) for the cheerleaders to sing along during the National Anthem? I’ve noticed that every time a cameraman has caught a cheerleader on film (even if in the background of the shot), she has been singing. Maybe it’s always been that way with our cheerleaders but, this year, I’ve been paying special attention during The Anthem.

~ The fans in our section (maybe it was Stadium-wide, I couldn’t hear past those around me) were chanting for Romo to go out on the field late in the 4th quarter. I get it — I really do — but did they happen to notice that Tyron Smith wasn’t playing? I don’t want #9 out there unless he has a full & healthy O-line playing in front of him.

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