Oct 312016

witten-hugAhhhhh…I love the smell of Victory Monday in the morning in Arlington, Texas (home of the Dallas Cowboys) and it’s even more enjoyable after a W against the Eagles! 🙂

Observations from Section 317

~ Either the team was extra loose and having more fun than usual during warm-ups OR I just noticed it for the first time Sunday night. This squad’s chemistry is really great and I think it shows during the games.

~ Rally Towels. We need them for EVERY game. Period.

~ My favorite game-time configuration for The Stadium? Open doors & open roof but we either need to go ahead & run the A/C OR we need to NOT open the roof when the temperature is in the high 70s. When you add 93,000 people and the excitement of that game, we had some serious body odor goin’ on in section 317!

~ Not my favorite officiating crew. Way too many flags and they had to confer too long too many times.

~ Sean Lee had an incredible game — he’s having an incredible year. Especially since they continually had to defend a short field, our defense performed VERY well. Tyrone Crawford deserves a shout-out too.

Shades of Danny White…

~ With the exception of that AWESOME (“…because it worked!” as Brad Sham would say) fake punt, Special Teams were deplorable. Bisaccia has some work to do this week.

~ The play-calling (even that Beasley pass that didn’t work) was spot-on during this game and has been all season. For those who have blamed play-calling, in the past, for our losses, it’s time to give the coaching staff credit for their guts & aggressive play-calling this season.

~ On offense, Dak showed us another quality this week — he has a “never quit” attitude and it worked for him. Heck, our entire team seems to have that “never quit” attitude this year.

~ Terrance Williams has come through in some critical moments for us and, in my opinion, has redeemed himself for that “get out of bounds” mental mistake in game 1.

~ The TD pass in OT was a beautifully poetic ending for the record-breaking start #204 for this generation’s Mr. Cowboy (I don’t think Bob Lilly will mind), Jason Witten.

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Living in California in 1972, as a 7-year-old girl, Jeanette Brewer watched "America's Team" on Monday Night Football. She was instantly hooked and has been a Dallas Cowboys fan since that night. A year later, her family moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth. Jeanette currently runs her family's business in downtown Arlington, TX - just five minutes from Cowboys (AT&T) Stadium. She holds a degree in History from University of Texas-Arlington and since UTA hasn't had a football program since her time there, the Cowboys get all of her attention during football season. Jeanette is neither a blogger nor a writer, but enjoys making observations about her favorite team. She is the eternal optimist and believes, each year, that this is "our year". She has two children and three grandchildren -- the toddler boys have already been taught to "Throw Up The X" and the baby girl has her DC Cheerleader uniform ready to go for this season & beyond.


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