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Say what you will about Jerry Jones and his Dallas Cowboys. One thing you cannot say is that they want for news-makers. Preseason, Mid-season, postseason, off-season…The Cowboys are always in season when it comes to NFL noteworthy news.

Dez Bryant and the Mystery Video

By now, you have all heard about the video that supposedly exists, a video that terezowens.com said was “five times worse” than the Ray Rice video and would threaten Bryant’s NFL career:

We’re being told the Cowboys have warned Dez the tape is going to be released, and from someone who has seen it, that it’s five times worse than the Ray Rice Video. His football career is in jeopardy according to our source.
Read more at http://terezowens.com/dez-bryant-scandalous-video-to-be-released/#VHAq40Md2bsY93im.99

Mike Florio, of NBC’s Pro Football Talk, was the first “credible” insider to run with the Dez video story. In an invterview on 105.3 The Fan, Florio brought up the video and started a firestorm and media frenzy. From Texas Monthly:

One of the, I guess I would say best-kept secrets in the media, because no one’s reported it yet—there is a story that all of the major insiders know about, that we’ve known about for months, involves a video tape. And I don’t know that it exists. I know people have been trying desperately to get it. I know the Cowboys are aware of it, and because of that, and possibly other reasons, the Cowboys have been very reluctant to commit major money to him. That’s been kind of the open secret among members of the media.

Florio has taken plenty of flak for running with an unconfirmed rumor, as well he should. Nevertheless, whether Cowboys front office-driven or not, the story is out there, still sketchy and unconfirmed, and seemingly adding an acrimonious element to the already-contentious free agency dealings between Dez and the Joneses, Stephen and Jerry. Stephen has intimated the team might use the franchise tag to keep Dez a Cowboys. Dez is not a fan. He tweeted—and then deleted—the following:

dez-tweet“I need to get me a real raw uncut tv show or something … I can’t continue to get betrayed like this,” Bryant tweeted Wednesday. The tweet has since been deleted.

So, there’s that.

DeMarco Murray Too Much To Keep?

Meanwhile, DeMarco, the NFC offensive player of the year, NFL’s leading rusher, and Cowboys’ first legitimate superstar-caliber runner since the great Emmitt Smith, is a free agent. If the franchise tag is used on Dez, the price of keeping Murray may be too high, especially when you consider the number of defensive players who are also free agents.

If DeMarco departs, some believe Adrian Peterson may be his replacement. There have been rumors of Peterson courting the Cowboys and vice versa. The Vikings, so far, insist Peterson will be in Minnesota in 2015.

If not Peterson, the 2015 draft is believed to be the deepest for quality, NFL-ready running backs in years…

Will Dez and DeMarco be Cowboys come training camp? No one knows whether the Cowboys will figure a way to keep both, decide just to keep one, or let both get away.

Stay tuned.


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