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It has been 16 years since the Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX. In those sixteen years, the Cowboys have made the playoffs just seven times. In those seven playoff appearances, they have managed to win but two games.

On January 1, 2012, the Cowboys needed to get one win at home against the New York Giants. Just one win and they would be NFC East champions and playoff bound. Of course, the Giants clobbered the Cowboys 31–14 and took the first step towards the unlikeliest Super Bowl triumph since the last time the G-men won the Super Bowl.

The game that catapulted the Giants into history relegated the Cowboys to ancient history. The team that was once considered the shining star, the flagship franchise of America’s greatest professional sports league is now all but irrelevant.

During the sixteen years since their last taste of glory, the Cowboys have wandered aimlessly through the Wilderness of Mediocrity. They have employed six head coaches and been led by seven different quarterbacks. But the man with the compass, the fearless leader of this ill-fated expedition is the only general manager the team has ever had under owner Jerry Jones.

That would be GM Jerry Jones.

Jones and those in his deluded company may console themselves by saying, “Look! The team that beat us to get into the playoffs won the Super Bowl.”

Bitter fans, however, will be incensed and say, “Look! The team that beat us to get into the playoffs won the Super Bowl.”

What Jerry sees as hopeful, the discouraged, disheartened, distrustful fan will see as hopeless.

Ah, Jerry Jones.

Here is a fellow that says, “Come with me. I know the way.”

But he keeps changing the map, altering the direction and getting nowhere. Long ago, it became painfully apparent to anyone paying attention that Jerry Jones does not know the way, he cannot read a map and when it comes to building and guiding a successful NFL franchise, he is as lost as a goose in the desert.

Meanwhile the Roman numerals keep rolling. Each passing Super Bowl is another mile marker along the Lost Highway for the driver that has no idea how to get there and is too stubborn to ask directions of anyone that does.

Somewhere a coyote howls, a tumbleweed ambles aimlessly across the lonesome prairie and Jerry Jones studies his map.

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Gene Strother (414 Posts)

Gene has been an avid Dallas Cowboys fan for nearly five decades, which amounts to just about his entire life. The only time he was not a Cowboys fan was that brief period at the beginning of his life, when he didn't have all his baby teeth and could not yet say "Cowboys." As soon as quit slobbering, he started hollering, "Go Cowboys!"

JRCowboy fan
JRCowboy fan

This is the first season in the 30+ years I have been a fan I have no hope for the future. The same mistakes year after year, game after game and yet nothing changes because Jerry Jones is delusional that this team can win in its current state. What GM in their right mind gives Orlando Scandrick the contract he received last off-season, he could not cover me before the contract, surprise, surprise he couldn't do it afterwards either. It used to be Dallas built teams through the draft now we draft the crap no one else wants with exceptions to Demarco Murray, Demarcus Ware, Sean Lee, and Tyron Smith. Most of our picks are busts or huge disappointments and wastes of time and money. We need more players with heart, desire, and the will to win this won't happen because there is no leadership on this team starting at the top. The leader has built a ship of mediocrity and has decided to ride into the ground. I watched in '89 as we went 1-15, I didn't miss a game there was hope then now I usually turn off the game in the first quarter it's to painful to watch this proud franchise play worse than a bad college team every Sunday.

Dickie Cowboy
Dickie Cowboy

If Jerry was EVER going to figure this out and get a new GM, he probably would have done it by now. Cowboys have great material, but no overall management direction. My take is that it is a downer to the players and they

get depresssed, I know I certainly do. The Cowboys should have won 3-5 more games than they did.


This 2011 season is bitter pill -no - a bottle of bitter pills to swallow.

The history making 4th quarter collapses and the mind-numbing ways they happened (5 games-5 different ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory).

The season-after-season occurrence of penalties that stop drives or lead to the opposition to continue on a drive to score.

The anemic red zone execution..

The pathetic play of the secondary.

And let us not forget the team's signature display nearly each and every offensive snap- lining up in the shotgun formation and letting the playclock wind down to below 3 seconds everytime.

Can the Cowboys at least eliminate that part of the game plan when on offense? It would be a start in the right direction, among two other things---well researched and fiscally responsible free agent signings and sound drafting this spring.


I feel your pain, brother.


Lucid and insightful. Thanks!

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