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Long before the NFL was America’s pastime, back when a midweek game meant messing up routines, risking injury, missing dinner with the family, and general aggravation, the NFL was looking for a second team to take a Thanksgiving Day game. Everyone said, “No thanks.” Everyone, that is, except Tex Schramm.

Pure Greatness!

Pure Greatness!

Schramm, the architect of the Cowboys’ America’s Team persona, saw this as an opportunity to further set his team apart. He saw the chance to give the Cowboys a unique identity and to guarantee a national spotlight on a day when sleepy-eyed men, stuffed with turkey and stuffing, would love nothing better than to loosen their belts and watch some football.

That was then. Now, the NFL is the most profitable, highest profile professional sports organization in the country. Now, it is a multi-billion dollar business with mega-millionaire superstars and billion-dollar venues. Now, everyone wants a piece of the pie Tex baked.

Despite proof to the contrary, some complain that the late season Thursday game is a competitive advantage to the Cowboys and Lions. I don’t know which two teams they are watching in December!

Goodell has confirmed that he will not mess with the setup this season, but that he will consider rotating the games in



the future. I have just two words for the meddlesome man who wouldn’t make a decent wart on Rozelle’s rump: Booooo! Hisssss!

Hey, Rog, go do something worthwhile, like maybe setting some sort of rookie cap, so people aren’t clamoring not to get a top ten draft pick. Or, address the (apparent) declining efficiency of officiating in the league. Or, just count those stacks of money.

Whatever you do, keep your grubby little hands off Thanksgiving!

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