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Stupid is as Stupid does

Stupid is as Stupid does

Today’s Cowboys headliner: Jay Ratliff arrested. Writes Mike Fisher of Fox Sports Southwest:

Dallas Cowboys veteran Jay Ratliff was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with driving while intoxicated after allegedly crashing his truck into an 18-wheeler on the highway, police have confirmed.

Grapevine Police spokesman officer Sam Shemwell told Fox Sports Southwest that Ratliff, 31, was arrested at 12:36 a.m. by Grapevine Police and charged with DWI after crashing his 2011 Ford F-150 on 2800 East State Hwy 114.

“Mr. Ratliff refused a breathalyzer, so officers obtained a search warrant and then a blood sample and Mr. Ratliff was arrested,” Shemwell said, adding that the results of the blood test are not yet known.

Shemwell said no one was injured in the accident.

Attempts were made to contact both the Cowboys and Ratliff’s agent seeking comment, but neither party has replied nor issued any statement.

Apparently, the lesson learned from teammate Josh Brent, whose drunk driving in the wee hours of the morning resulted in the death of his close friend and fellow Cowboy, Jerry Brown is this: “Hey, you can’t touch me. I am invincible. I am a Dallas Cowboy. I got this.”

One of the great travesties of professional sports is that we take young men whose only sure-fire redeeming quality is physical prowess and ability to play a game at a high level and load them up with tons of cash, benefits, glory and power and unleash them on the community at large. They already have that invincibility of youth thing going. Now, add the fact that barriers to bad behavior are removed because money is no longer an object, and, voila, you have perfect conditions for devastating behavior.

As Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports laments,

Apparently, it takes more than the death of a friend and teammate, and the arrest and incarceration of another, to wake Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff to the simple reality that driving drunk is a really stupid thing to do.

Ratliff is one of the pieces of the defensive puzzle that was supposed to fit better into a 4-3 scheme, since he is undersized as a 3-4 nose tackle.

Wonder how he fits in an orange jumpsuit?

A team at the crossroads does not need to be manned with talented but irresponsible knuckleheads. Jerry Jones should cut ties with Jay Ratliff and send a message to his team.

In fact, Jerry Jones should cut ties with Jerry Jones. But that is another story.

(Come on, you knew I was going to take a shot at Jones. If I am going to the trouble of writing an article, I am likely going to remind you that the heart of the Cowboys’ problems is the moron  behind the wheel.)

Jones may just make Ratliff an example, since it is widely reported that Ratliff had a troubled year in the organization. Jones was asked about that down in Mobile, Alabama, where he has traveled for the Senior Bowl this week…

“As far as I’m concerned, he is outstanding,” Jones said of Ratliff. “He has given everything he’s ever had to the Dallas Cowboys. With me, any of that emotion that was involved between us is only reflected back on many times that we’ve had in our own way some emotional time with each other.

“And it in no way before was it ever contentious, so when you’ve got the kind of background we’ve got together, then if you have a moment that you might not have been on the same page, that’s like father-son, that’s like family, that’s like all that. That’s forgotten when you know each other has your best interests at heart. We both know that.”

I, like Farrar, would assume that conversation, as meandering and impossible to follow as it was, took place before Jones knew about the DWI.

I might also assume Jones was drunk when he answered the question, since his answer made almost no sense. But then that would mean he has never been sober since coming to Dallas.

This thing is a confederacy of fools.

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