Oct 222010

What is the worst news you could get right now as a fan of the Dallas Cowboys?

Would it be a season-ending injury to Tony Romo or DeMarcus Ware? Or maybe that Miles Austin had been traded?

While any of those things would absolutely stink, none of them is the worst scenario I can imagine. My worst nightmare concerning the Cowboys has actually come to life, thanks to Jerry Jones.

After Sunday’s debacle sent the clueless Cowboys to their worst 5-game start since the Campo days, Jerry boldly proclaimed, “I believe in the coaching staff. I believe in Wade Phillips.”

Mr. Jones did not say whether he believed in fairies, the Easter bunny, or Santa Claus.

"Look at him. Isn't he cute?"

The worst scenario has happened. Rather than Jerry Jones, through the sheer force of his indomitable will, turning Wade Phillips into a winner with a winner’s mentality, Wade has instead turned Jones into a contented loser — one who believes good stats are every bit as important as putting up W’s in the win/loss column.

Jones went on to say, “A lot of people say the old saying, ‘You are what you are.’ We are not that team. Our team is doing some very good things.”

His veiled shot at Bill Parcells—who loved to make that ‘You are what you are’ proclamation—notwithstanding, the chilling truth of Jones’ mindset is that he really is buying Wade’s crap.

You remember what good ol’ boy Wade said, right?

“I guess we think we are a better 1-4 team than some teams that are 1-4.”

I guess that means it is time to celebrate then? Get ya’ pom-poms ready! Give me a an ‘L!’ Give me an ‘O!’ Give me…you know the rest.

The thing that is so disheartening here is that, unless Jerry is just being the salesman he is, trying to put lipstick on what he thought was his prize pig, the owner of this mess we all want cleaned up thinks the place looks pretty damn good messy, thank you very much.

He still believes in Wade.

Well, I believe in Chicken Little.

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