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jerry-jones-meme-painThe most over-asked question in Cowboys’ history (if not NFL history or maybe even human history): “Does Jerry Jones the owner ever think about firing Jerry Jones the GM?”

The answer, if you cut through the verbal weaving and swerving Jones the owner does when asked a simple question is quite simply, “Hell, no!”

Seventeen years and one playoff win? So what! No one could do it better, because blah blah blah.

Jones, in a recent interview with CBS, may have finally come clean on just why he keeps his general manager job despite nearly two decades of abject failure…

He is a masochist. He likes the pain!

“I think I love the pain,” he said in an interview with CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford broadcast Monday on “CBS This Morning.” “Certainly, criticism hurts, but it, boy – fuels your ambition. It makes me think, ‘I wanna show them.’ ”

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If you are one of the tens of thousands of Cowboys fans clinging to whatever shards of the Cowboys Titanic you can find, hoping against hope that a rescue boat will find you, just let go and drown, fool. There is no rescue boat coming. There is no change coming. There is no amount of criticism, no devastating loss, no horrific season gonna make Captain Jerry holler, “Mayday!”

See that iceberg we have already run into seventeen times? It looms large and in our path. So what? Let it come. Embrace the pain. Jerry does. It fires him up. It makes him want to start the same journey, using the same map and the same faulty navigation equipment all over again, because, well, surely it won’t result in the same sinking feeling again. Right?

This is a problem, people.

Jones said, “I think I love the pain.”

Jones then told a story about how he didn’t mind a little pain in the doctor’s office after a “serious” loss one week.

“I was doing a lot of blood work, and they said, ‘We want to be sure and get this nurse in that really knows how to be gentle and get it done quickly on the first time,’ “ Jones said. “And I said, ‘This morning, I need one that needs to try 10 times. I want some pain.’ ”

The reporter asked, “Literally, this happened?”

Jones said, “That happened. And I need to cry a little bit. And so, that’s not a bad thing.”

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Jerry is too self-absorbed or delusional or stupid or something to see how that kind of confession might impact the people that help keep him and his failed football experiment relevant. He fails to see that we don’t want a GM who enjoys the pain. We want one who wants the pain to stop now! We want one with sense enough to take steps to ease the pain. We want to laugh again. We want it to feel good to be Cowboys fans.

Instead we get Captain Crash and Burn.

I, for one, would like to volunteer to help Jerry feel the pain. One swift kick in the crotch. What is that compared to the seventeen crotch-kicks fans have endured while Jones plays fantasy fotball?

Gotta go now and find something to dull this throbbing headache. I feel Jerry’s pain. But I don’t like it.

While I find the Tylenol, listen to this Johnny Cash song and see if you can’t hear Jerry (or the fake Jerry, at least) singing it?

Note: If you are unfamiliar with the fake Jerry, go to and search for the audio. It is worth a minute of your time.

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