Sep 032013

johnny-manzielI am always amazed at the vitriol so many have for Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Even Cowboys fans are often caustic in their appraisal of his worth as an NFL quarterback. Of course, most of the criticism is blissfully free of any real facts other than the most glaring one: He hasn’t won a Super Bowl.

People in the know—people like Roger Staubach, Jason Garrett, and owner Jerry Jones (the man that made Romo very rich)—defend Romo and place him among the NFL’s elite.

So do the numbers.

Meanwhile, the ones ready to crucify a hard-working, no-excuses undrafted free agent made good rush to defend Johnny Football.

Johnny Manziel has been a PR nightmare for Texas A&M. He has behaved immaturely and allegedly broken NCAA rules. He has taunted opponents and used hand gestures to mock the allegations against himself. He quit on The Mannings’ football camp early, amid accusations he was too hungover to perform.

He has behaved like, let’s face it, a punk.

But…he also single-handedly handed national champion Alabama Crimson Tide their only loss a season ago. He became the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy. He makes Texas A&M a legitimate SEC and national championship contender.

He sells tickets….and jerseys…and t-shirts…and hope. (Not just autographs.)

So…what’s a little thuggery, if it comes from the one who made Aggies’ fans believe again?

He’s Johnny Football!

Well, Brian Urlacher, for one, would like to see the kid straighten up and demonstrate some good sense, good sportsmanship, and maybe a little humility.

Instead of acting like an entitled, untouchable brat.

Some would say Manziel would look good in a Cowboys’ uniform. I am not convinced his skill set is going to translate to NFL success at all. But I do agree he could use the opportunity to stand next to Tony Romo and learn how to handle adversity and success with class.

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