May 272013
Eat it, Cowboys!

Eat it, Cowboys!

Michael Strahan Twitter taunts the Dallas Cowboys and Cowboys’ fans

I think Michael Strahan was an above average player. He is an entertaining personality with a cool gap-tooth grin. Nothing wrong with Strahan, other than he was a member of the hated New York Football Giants and, consequently, an archenemy of the Silver and Bluebloods of the world.

In his post-football commentary gig, Strahan is pretty entertaining, as well. He has a cool vibe about him. His slight speech impediment is endearing. He is witty at times. He is also incapable of nonpartisan football analysis. More than any member of the NFL on Fox studio crew, Strahan skews everything towards his Giants. While Jimmy Johnson has openly ripped the Cowboys, Howie Long strives to give thoughtful analysis, and even goof-off Bradshaw brings an unbiased viewpoint to the FOX broadcast, Strahan mostly clowns around and then promotes his Giants.

In other words, he is only good for a laugh and the occasional poke in the Cowboys’ eye. He is never to be taken seriously, since his conclusions are foregone.

So, no need to get up in arms over his recent Tweet in response to Gil Brandt’s prediction that the Cowboys would win the NFC East:


Still, I could not resist replying to the jolly old defensemen:


The war of words is on. I can hardly wait for the battle in the trenches to commence.

Maybe this is the year the Cowboys wipe that infectious grin off Strahan’s face.

If not, expect more Michael Strahan Twitter taunts and on-air punches to the Cowboys’ crotch. All of this from a man pretending to be an analyst while dressed in a Giants’ cheerleader’s uniform and waving pom poms.

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